Chen Jiayan exposing the scars of the times, said the spicy three must die-rainlendar

Tencent Chen Jiayan entertainment news days before Chen Jiayan revealed the times said "scar spicy mistress must die", presided over a file interactive talk show on hot surge in popularity of the mainland actress Chen Jiayan has again been the focus of public opinion. In the program, known as the "female old gun" Chen Jiayan made a very close to the social hot topic of speech, she not only analyzes the "mistress" causes and "Kam bitch guide", it is called "mistress must die" anger, opinion and attitude is quite straightforward bold. Video programs aired immediately with famous friends according to the recent frequent "mistress events" and Chen Jiayan’s speech initiated related topics, and then quickly caused the crowd effect, discuss the volume rises. In the "mistress must die" topic, the netizens think, because of social software and the media more and more developed, the dissemination of information is more and more convenient, neverchanging but everyone shouting "mistress" increasingly rampant. In addition to the "three small" frequent social news, the media has attracted much attention in the entertainment circle is the "three small" phenomenon "hardest hit". In the program, Chen Jiayan said that "mistress is impossible to guard against, the essential difference between man and animal have self-control ability in people, since the choice of marriage is to control their" flagship "hold the original, anti mistress" attitude she even put forward the "mistress must die" this pole end point. For Chen Jiayan’s remarks, netizens have expressed their views on the basis of their views, some netizens pointed out that a slap does not ring, saying that since it is derailed on both sides to assume responsibility". However, the majority of users is public support for Chen Jiayan, "said the words rough, although I know that this hostility is very heavy, but I really want to destroy the happiness of others die."相关的主题文章: