Changchun suffering from depression because her mother was playing mobile phone was accused of runni-bree daniels

Changchun depressed girl was mother scolded away from playing with mobile phone photo Luisa week. Family members for the parents to occasionally blame their children a few words is a normal thing. 17, who lives in Lake Street near the 29 year old girl Zhou Lusha because playing mobile phone was the mother blame a few, angrily stormed away from home, no home. 22, Zhou Lusha’s father, Mr. Zhou for help to find this newspaper has lost contact with the daughter of the 5 day. Because the mother scolded daughter bloom home "17 day 21 PM, I saw her in the room lights, push the door to look, she was lying in bed playing mobile phone, she said a few words, I just love her daughter’s body, want her to rest, did not think of her emotions very excited, stand up and wear a coat to go, how do I stay stopped." Zhou Lusha’s mother Ms. Zhang recalled, when she shouted her name, while after downstairs, but in front of her daughter ran faster and faster, soon disappeared. As it was already late, Ms. Zhang and her husband in the vicinity of the house looking for her daughter without fruit, had to call the police. 15 years ago there was once a week away experience it is understood that Rosa is an only daughter, quiet and introverted, usually as a filial girl, after she graduated from college in the city to find a satisfying job, a few years ago because of health reasons, to resign in your body. "Although Sasa is 29 years old, she suffers from mild depression and we are very concerned about her safety." Mr. Zhou said that her daughter had 15 years ago, once ran away from home experience, she quickly came back, said to go to Jilin. This time she had left home 5 days still no news, but did not take the mobile phone and ID card, we are worried that she have no place in danger." It is understood that the week Luisa depression rarely contacts with classmates and friends. Zhou ran away from home, Mr. Zhou had contacted a number of classmates and friends, but her daughter did not contact them.相关的主题文章: