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Changchun into China’s most promising city? A professor at the University of counter – Sohu news according to the East Asian Economic News reported on October 22nd, in recent days, a lot of Changchun in WeChat forwarded an article titled "seven city" the most promising Chinese article. The author is a "financial Swordswomen" said Ye Tan, the capital of Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province, Harbin provincial Changchun, capital of Liaoning Province, Shenyang are on the list, she was regarded as the most promising city without. Changchun Railway Station (map) after ye Tan the article came out, many people are thinking, Changchun really so unbearable? Changchun really have no future? Are we going to "escape" Changchun? In October 21st, the East Asian economic news reporter interviewed economist Changchun local, they do not agree with the views of Ye tan. Jilin University professor Ding Zhaoyong: Changchun foundation, to Jilin University School of economics professor Ding Zhaoyong had paid attention to this blog Ye Tan, "this article I was in the classroom and the students discussed. Some of the problems mentioned in this article are objective, but there are some problems that are more one-sided and emotional." Ding Zhaoyong told reporters. For example, she referred to a most promising city screening criteria in the article, the first is the loss of population. Mentioned in the article, the Northeast population in the country’s most populous cities, including Harbin, Changchun, Dalian three cities. Subsequently, it also cited a continuous decline in primary school students in Changchun. Changchun in 2005 the number of pupils was 476 thousand, in 2010 was 422 thousand, the number of people in 2015 was 384 thousand, a continuous decline. For ye Tan said, Changchun population decline and outflow of talents, Professor Ding Zhaoyong said: "Changchun reduced the problem of students and pupils in Jilin province population negative growth, low birth rate and related reasons, both for historical reasons, there are institutional reasons." The northeast is the planned economy of the late exit area, the high proportion of state-owned economy, state-owned enterprises, state-owned farms, state-owned forest workers belong to non-agricultural household registration of such units, are in place in the implementation of family planning policy. Ding Zhaoyong said that this is an important cause of low birth rate in Jilin province. Changchun said the outflow of population, but also a direct relationship with the state-owned economy. "We are the high proportion of state-owned economy, the survival of the private economy is relatively small space, not when the unit of state-owned enterprises, bearing more employment occurs when the labor force outflow, which we call the state-owned enterprise employees will flow to the surplus relatively developed private economy in the industry." Ding Zhaoyong said. In one stage, there has been bad mouthing the sound, Ding Zhaoyong said, this is the northeast economic growth and decline. But why did it fall? As a result of the impact of the international economy, the two is that we are at the juncture of transformation and upgrading." Ding Zhaoyong said that the northeast economy is facing?, the process of economic growth will be rapid growth, we explore the exploration and development of new pillar industries, while fostering new kinetic energy, cannot run fast, run fast to head. Contrary to the views that ye Tan Ding Zhaoyong, in)相关的主题文章: