CBRC vice chairman of the long-term loss of zombie companies cannot be in debt to equity swap win7codecs

Vice chairman of the CBRC: the long-term loss of zombie enterprises not in debt to equity swap the original title: Vice Chairman of the CBRC: the long-term loss of zombie enterprises not in debt to equity swap in new network on 10 October, the country’s new office today will actively and steadily reduce leverage related policies held a press conference, the CBRC vice chairman Wang Zhaoxing "zombie companies it is pointed out that" bankruptcy, the long-term loss of the zombie companies cannot be in debt to equity swap. Debt restructuring is likely to succeed or fail, we encourage companies to succeed, but we should also be fully prepared and respond to possible losses. Asked by a reporter at the press conference: you mentioned the market debt, one of which is that zombie companies in accordance with the legal procedures of bankruptcy, which has made banks bear some losses, in the next two months, there may be more zombie companies facing bankruptcy, which will result in greater pressure in the banking industry, how do you deal with this problem? Wang Zhaoxing pointed out, first of all, the NDRC colleague has said, the debt has a policy boundary, which companies can debt, which enterprises can not debt, which refers to the long-term loss belongs to the zombie companies, will not be in debt to equity swap. Wang Zhaoxing said, in accordance with the market-oriented approach, such zombie enterprises to deal with, there may be some companies bankruptcy, bankruptcy, the bank may bear some losses. But for the technical management of advanced enterprises, when market conditions improve, it still has a chance of survival, for this kind of enterprise, we are encouraged by the voluntary, by the debtor and creditors of equal consultation to determine the debt restructuring plan, to help enterprises overcome difficulties. This is also one of the meaning of corporate debt restructuring. Wang Zhaoxing said that the debt restructuring in the world is one of the common ways to succeed, may fail, this is the market to determine the allocation of resources may be the result, we encourage enterprises to strive for success, but also to make full preparation and response to the possible loss. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: