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"Catfish" is far from Guangdong during the national day most of the time for travel – Guangdong Channel – original title: most of the time for travel and outdoor activities in the typhoon "catfish" early in the morning of September 29th into the territory of Jiangxi Province, 8 weakened into a low pressure to press on the impact of the basic end of our province. The Provincial Meteorological Bureau introduced 29 held in the National Day holiday weather news conference, during the National Day holiday, the weather is generally stable, most suitable for travel and outdoor activities, but the eastern and coastal cities and counties with showers, sea and island tourism, should pay attention to water safety activities. Analysis of provincial meteorological station chief forecaster Wu Zhifang, during the National Day holiday in the Northwest Pacific typhoon activity, the South China Sea will have tropical cloud clusters, but a comprehensive analysis based on the current data, are less likely to leave a typhoon landing in our province, the risk of major meteorological disasters in a large area of strong precipitation, strong cooling and strong convection is not high. In the early stage of the holiday, there was moderate rain or heavy rain or heavy rain in the eastern cities and counties, and the rest of the cities and counties were relatively stable. The temperature in the whole province was quite pleasant, and the air temperature ranged from 20 degrees -33 to C. Day by day forecast: 30 days, in eastern Guangdong and Meizhou, there are heavy rain or heavy rain in the city and county, and the rest of the city and county are cloudy and cloudy. In October 1st, there were showers in the coastal cities and counties of eastern Guangdong Province. The rest of the cities and counties were cloudy, and there were showers in some parts. On the 2 day, it was cloudy and cloudy in the large part of the province. There were showers in the coastal cities and counties of the east of the Pearl River Estuary. On the 3 – 4 day, most of the cities and counties in our province are cloudy to sunny. On the 5 day, most of the cities and counties in our province were cloudy, and there was a shower in the Leizhou peninsula. On the 6 – 7 day, most of the cities and counties in our province are cloudy, and there are small showers in the southern coastal cities and counties. Guangzhou City: 30 days to October 1st, cloudy to cloudy days, showers, 20 – 29 – C, October 2nd – 3, mainly cloudy, locally showers, 24 – 32 – 32, 4 – 7 days, cloudy, sunny, 24 – 33 temperature. Meteorological experts remind that the day and night, North and south temperature difference during the National Day holiday, please go out and reduce clothes in time. The fine weather is more, the air humidity is small, dry, should pay attention to forest fire prevention and fire safety Home Furnishing. (Xie Qingyu Zhou Changle Yang Qunna) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan) “鲇鱼”渐远 广东国庆期间大部分时间适宜出行–广东频道–人民网 原标题:大部分时间适宜出行和户外活动   台风“鲇鱼”9月29日凌晨进入江西省境内,8时减弱为低气压,至发稿时对我省的影响基本结束。省气象局在29日召开的国庆假期天气新闻发布会上介绍,国庆长假期间我省天气总体平稳,大部分时间适宜出行和户外活动,但东部市县和沿海多阵雨,要注意海边和岛屿旅游、水上活动安全。   省气象台首席预报员伍志方分析,国庆假期期间西北太平洋有台风活动,南海海域也会有热带云团活动,但基于目前的资料综合分析,假期台风正面登陆我省的可能性较小,出现大面积强降水、强降温和强对流等重大气象灾害的风险不高。假期前期东部市县和海面有中雨局部大雨或暴雨,其余大部市县天气相对较稳定;全省气温宜人,各地气温介于20℃-33℃。   逐日预报为:30日,粤东市县和梅州有中雨局部大雨或暴雨,其余大部分市县多云到阴天有阵雨。   10月1日,粤东沿海市县有中阵雨,其余市县多云,局部有阵雨。   2日,我省大部晴间多云,其中珠江口以东沿海市县有阵雨。   3日―4日,我省大部分市县多云到晴天。   5日,我省大部分市县多云,雷州半岛有中阵雨。   6日―7日,我省大部分市县多云,南部沿海市县有小阵雨。   广州市区:30日―10月1日,多云到阴天,有阵雨,20℃―29℃;10月2日―3日,多云为主,局部有阵雨,24℃―32℃;4日―7日,多云间晴天,24℃―33℃。   气象专家提醒,国庆假期期间昼夜、南北温差较大,外出请适时增减衣物。晴好天气较多,空气湿度小,天干物燥,需注意森林防火和家居用火安全。(谢庆裕 周长乐 杨群娜) (责编:杨杰利、张海燕)相关的主题文章: