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Obama’s $10 a barrel oil tax was hard to get through and bad ideas were approved 耒阳一中贴吧

Obama $10 a barrel of oil to be passed by the number of tax "bad ideas" U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 5 Reuters news Beijing, the White House said on Thursday that President Obama will be presented next week to collect $10 a barrel of crude oil tax proposed revision domestic aging with the money transport infrastructure, but by the hope. These taxes will be paid by the oil companies for five years, and the Republican controlled Congress immediately scoffed at the plan. The tax plan will be at Obama next Tuesday announced the 2017 fiscal year budget officially announced that the government can therefore get nearly 20 billion dollars a year to help the national transportation system upgrade, there will be a year of more than $2 billion to support the development of unmanned vehicles and other low carbon technology projects. Republican lawmakers who have been in conflict with Obama on energy policy have slammed the plan on social media. House majority whip Steve Scalise asked on twitter whether the plan was "Obama’s worst idea"? The 10 dollar tax plan comes at a time when oil prices are going down. Oil prices last month fell below $30 a barrel, the lowest since 2003, because demand is difficult to keep up with the pace of new supply, but also refused to cut global oil producing countries. Oil market traders were very calm, after the announcement, the U.S. crude oil futures CLc1 was flat at about $31.70 a barrel. Continental Resources (CLR.N) and other large American oil companies have little change on Thursday. "Are you kidding?"" WTRG Economics James Williams in Arkansas, said the energy economic analyst. Like most of his people, he thinks the tax is unlikely to pass legislation. "The oil companies are experiencing the worst in more than 25 years of financial crisis, improve the industry cost is unwise," the American Petroleum Institute (IPAA) spokesman Neal Kirby said in a statement. (Lu Tou) editor in chief: Wang Yongsheng SF153

奥巴马每桶10美元石油税难获通过 被批“想法差劲” 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间5日路透报道,白宫周四表示,美国总统奥巴马下周将提出每桶原油征收10美元税的提议,用这笔钱翻修国内日益老化的运输基础设施,但通过的希望渺茫。   这些税负将由石油公司分五年缴纳,由共和党控制的国会随即对这项计划嗤之以鼻。   这项税收计划将会在奥巴马下周二公布的2017财年预算案中正式宣布,政府可因此获得每年将近200亿美元用于帮助全国运输系统升级,另外还将有每年逾20亿美元支持无人驾驶汽车以及其它低碳技术等项目的研发。   一贯在能源政策上与奥巴马冲突的共和党议员在社交媒体上抨击这一计划。众议院多数党党鞭Steve Scalise在推特上问,这项计划是不是“奥巴马最差劲的想法”?   10美元征税计划的提出,恰逢油价暴跌之际。   油价上月跌破每桶30美元,为2003年以来最低,因需求难以跟上新增供应的步伐,而全球产油大国又拒不减产。   石油市场交易员对此颇为淡定,这则消息披露后美国原油期货CLc1持平于约每桶31.70美元。Continental Resources(CLR.N)等美国大型石油生产企业的股价周四几无变动。   “你开玩笑吧?”WTRG Economics在阿肯色州的能源经济分析师James Williams说。和他多数人一样,认为这项税收绝无通过立法的可能。   “目前石油公司正在经历逾25年来最严重的财务危机,提高这个行业成本的做法是不明智的,”美国独立石油协会(IPAA)发言人Neal Kirby在声明中说。(路透) 责任编辑:王永生 SF153相关的主题文章:

Spring rain doctor founder died, the company and a number of listed companies linked 湖南中医药大学教务处

The doctor the death of the founder of the company with a number of listed companies to save behind the rain doctor: the emergence of many famous investor shareholders figure daily economic news reporter Sun Jiaxia the evening of October 6th, rain doctors concerned on the "daily economic news" on the phone said, now everything is normal, because the founder died, the first step is to run a the subsequent funeral, there may be personnel changes, in addition, in terms of investment, the company will have to investors of directors to make judgments on the matter. Mr. Zhang Rui is a pioneer in the field of China’s internet. From the JINGWAH times to the NetEase and then to the doctor of spring rain, Mr. Zhang Rui grasped the two opportunity of the Internet revolution, and successfully realized the leap from "connecting people and information" to "connecting people and services". In August of this year, Mr. Zhang Rui put his eyes on the coming era of Internet of things." Spring rain doctor said in his obituary in October 6th. However, for the spring rain doctors, how to face the post Zhang Rui era, will have to face the subject. The evening of October 6th, rain doctors said on the "daily economic news" reporter on the phone, now everything is normal, because the founder died, the first step is to run a total of the funeral, there may be subsequent personnel changes, in addition, in terms of investment, the company will have to investors of directors to make judgments on the matter. There are a number of well-known domestic well-known investors, venture capital sources Zhejiang Huarui Cci Capital Ltd chairman Zong Peimin told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters that behind this innovative medical spring similar projects require a strong entrepreneurial leadership, to gather the wisdom, capital and talent, in order to form a fulcrum and the creation method of perseverance and the founder of the lever. Not, it is fatal for any innovation project, unless one also has the entrepreneur trait successor relay. In June 24th, spring rain doctors introduced that the company was preparing for Pre-IPO. According to media reports, before the spring rain doctors have completed 1 billion 200 million financing Pre-IPO links, 2015 online interrogation business actual income of 130 million yuan, earnings of 30 million yuan, the company has plans to spin off listing, but has not yet decided to choose A shares or the new third board market. But on the other hand, Zhang Rui said in an interview that he did not have the will to market, which is more capital demand. In addition, according to Tencent science and technology, spring rain doctors spin off behind the listing, investors imposed a relatively large pressure. Business has been five years, rain doctors investors need to see a return, the spin off will become a compromise solution, however, the rain doctor told the "daily economic news" reporter said, now everything is normal, because the founder died, the first step is to run a total of the funeral, the deceased was a big, you don’t there is too much speculation, in terms of investment, the company will have to investors of directors to make judgments on the matter. These people further said, "we are a service platform between doctors and users, the core business is not affected.". theory

春雨医生创始人去世 公司与多家上市企业存关联   春雨医生股东背后:浮现多位知名投资者身影   每日经济新闻 每经记者 孙嘉夏   10月6日傍晚,春雨医生有关人士在电话中对《每日经济新闻》记者称,现在公司一切正常,因创始人不幸去世,第一步先办好张总的后事,后续可能会有人事方面的变动,另外,在投资方面,公司会有以投资人组成的董事会就此事作出研判。   “张锐先生是中国互联网领域的先行者。从《京华时报》到网易再到春雨医生,张锐先生准确把握住了两次互联网革命机遇,成功实现从‘连接人与信息’到‘连接人与服务’的跨越。就在今年8月,张锐先生还把眼光放到了即将到来的万物互联时代。”春雨医生10月6日在其讣告中称。   但是,对于春雨医生而言,如何面对后张锐时代,将是不得不面对的课题。   10月6日傍晚,春雨医生有关人士在电话中对《每日经济新闻》记者称,现在公司一切正常,因创始人不幸去世,第一步先办好张总的后事,后续可能会有人事方面的变动,另外,在投资方面,公司会有以投资人组成的董事会就此事作出研判。   背后有多位知名投资者   国内知名创投人士、浙江华睿投资管理有限公司董事长宗佩民在接受《每日经济新闻》记者采访时认为,类似春雨医疗这样的创新型项目需要一个坚强的企业家领导,才能集聚智慧、资本与人才,才能形成毅力支点与创造方法杠杆,而创始人的过世,对任何一个创新创业项目都是致命的,除非有一位同样有企业家特质的接班人接力。   6月24日,春雨医生曾介绍,公司正为Pre-IPO做准备。而据媒体报道,此前春雨医生已完成12亿融资Pre-IPO环节,2015年线上问诊业务实际收入达1.3亿元,盈利3000万元,公司已有计划分拆上市,但尚未决定选择A股或是新三板市场。   但另一方面,张锐曾在接受采访时表示,其本人并没有上市意愿,这更多是资本方的需求。   另据腾讯科技了解,春雨医生分拆上市的背后,投资人施加了比较大的压力。创业已五年,春雨医生的投资人需要看到回报,分拆上市便成为一种折衷的解决方法,   不过,春雨医生有关人士对《每日经济新闻》记者称,现在公司一切正常,因创始人不幸去世,第一步先办好张总的后事,死者为大,大家不要有过多猜测,在投资方面,公司会有以投资人组成的董事会就此事作出研判。   上述人士进一步表示,“我们是一个医生和用户之间的服务模式的平台,核心业务不受影响。“   对于看好春雨医生的资本而言,走上市后退出的路径,原本或许是最理想的方案之一。   工商资料显示,北京春雨天下软件有限公司注册资本2332.7197万元,目前现有股东除张锐外,自然人股东还包括杨维、张松山、李光辉、姚新义、曾柏毅、金国明、姚新泉。   法人股东则包括北京春日黛投资管理合伙企业(有限合伙)、中金佳泰(天津)股权投资基金合伙企业(有限合伙)、上海东证春医投资中心(有限合伙)、嘉兴蓝驰雨传投资合伙企业(有限合伙)、天津新柏灏资产管理合伙企业(有限合伙)、天津蓝驰新禾投资中心(有限合伙)、北京春日纤投资管理合伙企业(有限合伙)、浙江如山高新创业投资有限公司、北京春日皖投资管理合伙企业(有限合伙)、浙江如山新兴创业投资有限公司、北京春日丘投资管理合伙企业(有限合伙)、北京中科软创新技术有限公司。   在这些自然人和法人股东背后,站着不少知名资本市场大佬。   据《每日经济新闻》记者不完全统计,直接或间接投资春雨医生的包括盾安控股集团有限公司、上海歌斐资产管理有限公司、瑞成(香港)有限公司董事局主席胡志滨、奇正藏药(002287.SZ)的控股股东甘肃奇正实业集团有限公司、洋河股份(002304.SZ)、龙湖集团掌门人吴亚军投资的北京双湖投资管理有限公司等知名企业和个人。   多家上市公司业务存关联   张锐的突然离去,或许也将对与春雨医生有着各类合作的上市公司产生影响。   爱尔眼科(300015.SZ)8月29日的公告称,鉴于移动医疗行业的发展前景和市场潜力,公司拟向北京春雨天下科技有限公司投资2000万元。   爱尔眼科认为,春雨医生在移动医疗技术和运营上有着深刻理解和丰富经验,通过本次投资,公司将与春雨建立起紧密的战略合作关系,积极借鉴其已建立的优势和经验,在技术、运营和客户导流上进行深度合作,从而实现公司在移动医疗领域布局的快速推进。   与春雨医生开展各种合作的上市公司,还包括九阳股份(002242.SZ)、仁和药业(000650.SZ)、三星医疗(601567.SH)、华仁药业(300110.SZ)等。   其中如仁和药业,根据该公司的募投项目计划表,2016年仁和药房网零售终端向主要省会城市和主要地级市扩张,加快布局,将春雨医生在线嵌入门店终端,摸索出一套独特的运行模式。三星医疗则与春雨医生合作成立了春风百润医疗产业基金。   华仁药业在2016年3月23日与北京春雨天下软件有限公司、昆山青兰资产管理有限公司签署了《业务合作框架协议》,公司将与春雨医生开展线上诊疗与线下入口资源的联合,打造华仁春雨慢性肾病健康管理体系。   2015年6月4日,海南海药(000566.SZ)公告,公司与北京春风十里投资中心(有限合伙)共同投资设立北京春风创享移动医疗一期基金合伙企业(有限合伙)。上市公司作为有限合伙人认缴基金份额人民币5000万元,海南海药称,公司与春风基金和春雨医生合作旨在利用春雨医生在移动医疗领域的操作经验和资源优势,从一级市场上寻找更多具有创新基因的移动医疗团队。   而早在2014年,美亚广电(002690.SZ)就已与春雨医生签订战略合作协议,计划在移动诊疗、远程诊疗、口腔大数据建设等方面展开合作。   浙报传媒(600633.SH)2014年年报也透露,公司与春雨医生合作开发运营网络医院APP。   罗莱生活(002293.SZ)所投资的深圳市迈迪加科技发展有限公司也与包括春雨医生在内的知名平台合作,致力于提高算法准确性,将产品功能从“监测”引申到“助眠”和“问诊”。( 实习生张韵对本文亦有贡献) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

the owner told reporters that he has this reflects more than 4 塞纳里奥热酒

Hungry strong push spark plans to charge merchants refused businesses forced to stand under the hungry strong push "spark plan" refused businesses were forced to stand under the Chinese youth network in Beijing on 8 September, (intern reporter Li Yongpeng) recently, Nanjing Jiangning District, a university businesses broke the news to reporters, which settled the ordering platform hungry is carrying out a named "spark plan" activities, to the merchant fee. The platform claims that businesses can voluntarily participate, but in fact, no signed merchant will be closed, online payment, or even shelves. Who wasn’t signed forced to shut shop "spark plan" is hungry for settled business platform in turnover less than 3000 charge 5% "service fee", and hungry it will provide rankings and other measures for businesses. Ms. Wang told reporters, according to the business, the market manager at that time, Ms. Yan said, "if you do not sign, the mandatory closing shop."!". Second days, "fixed food" and other five households did not participate in the plan of online payment function was closed, and this information has also been confirmed by other businesses. During summer vacation, the regional manager communicates with the merchant. For businesses not only that, Ms. Wang also told reporters reflect, during the summer of 3 households business information is off the shelf, one of them is still not online business. Communication between regional managers and merchants during summer vacation. Merchants for the map reporters managed to contact the stores were stopped, merchants said: "stores in my unwitting circumstances were changed to transfer state.". (no longer display platform information, inform the customer service inquiries shop for the transfer of information display) "the owner told reporters that he has this reflects more than 4, 5 times, the customer service that will inform the sales manager, sales manager will be informed of the not included in customer service management. Source: China Youth Network into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

饿了么强推星火计划向商家收费 拒签商户强制下架   饿了么强推“星火计划” 拒签商户被强制下架   中国青年网北京9月8日电(实习记者 李永鹏)近日,南京江宁区某高校商家向记者爆料,其入驻的订餐平台饿了么正在推行一项名叫“星火计划”的活动,向商家收费。平台对外宣称商家可自愿参与,但实际上未签约的商户会被关闭线上支付甚至下架。   谁不签约就强制关店   “星火计划”是饿了么针对入驻平台的商家在营业额3000以内收取5%的“技术服务费”,而饿了么则会为商家提供排名提升等措施。   据商家王女士告诉记者,当时负责该区域的市场经理闫女士曾说“你们要是不签就强制关店!”。第二天“和定食”等五户未参与计划的商家在线支付功能就被关闭,而这一信息也得到了其他商家的证实。 暑假时期,区域经理与商户沟通截图。商家供图   不仅如此,王女士还向记者反映,暑假期间有3户商家的信息“被下架”,其中一家至今无法进行线上营业。 暑假时期的区域经理与商户沟通截图。 商家供图   记者设法联系上了被停店的商家,商家说:“店面在我不知情的情况下被改为转让状态。(平台信息不再显示,客服查询后告知店铺信息显示为转让)”店主告诉记者,为这事他已经反映了不止4、5次,客服说会通知销售经理解决,找销售经理就会被告知其不归属客服管理。来源:中国青年网 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: