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Shenzhen city civilized Street construction for sure – Shenzhen Channel –

Shenzhen city "civilized Street" construction for sure – Shenzhen Channel – original title: "dragon civilization Street" construction of Longgang District of Shenzhen affirmed the city clean and beautiful. Shenzhen evening news reporter Yi Fen correspondent Liu Zide photo recently published by the Social Sciences Press, Chinese collection "Shenzhen Innovation Series (Third Series)" published "Governance: Dragon civilization Street Construction Research" a Book impressively, this series (Third Series) a total of six studies to the streets as a sample, as the object of study is the only Dragon Street Longgang District a. "Governance change: Dragon civilization Street Construction Research" is a high degree of integration of theory and practice, elaborated the center district of Longgang City Dragon Street "civilization Street" construction, the specific practices of political civilization, adhere to city economic civilization and cultural civilization, social civilization and ecological civilization city synchronous development, with a convincing demonstration and analysis. In the city "civilized Street" construction "star system", the five civilization has its own role, content characteristics, construction law, mutual connection, coordination, mutual support "practice of the construction of civilization Street", promote all-round construction of city. Experts believe that the "dragon civilization Street" construction and provide a fresh sample for the practice of "Town Street civilization" construction, worthy of further study. The former party secretary of National School of Administration, executive vice president Wei Liqun said, "the city civilization construction is to enhance the street street function, and is actively exploring governance systems and governance capacity modernization, with exploration of great theoretical value and practical value of popularization. (reporter Yi Fen correspondent Zhuang Guodong Zhou Renyao) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Wang Xing)相关的主题文章:

Chongqing, a number of travel agencies to collect age surcharge was asked to pay more-winfast

Chongqing travel agencies charge a surcharge age old person is asked to pay more "board are the same, why children and old people to pay?" During the national day, many people choose to travel in Chongqing newspaper group relaxed mood, but some people travel agency to the elderly and children to collect the age surcharge and feel unhappy. According to the workers daily reporter, a few hundred dollars a few years old, more than a thousand dollars. Reporter survey found that in Chongqing, the travel agency for the elderly and children to travel surcharge is an unwritten rule. A travel agency staff told reporters, most of the tourist routes have launched a special offer and pure play group, group of special offer metropolitan consumption weak elderly, children in two groups surcharge. The reason is that the elderly and children travel, the body of all aspects of the situation than young people, travel agencies increased risk, to give more care or to buy a better insurance." "Travel additional charge for 200~1000 yuan. For example, some travel agencies for the elderly over 70 years old to collect an additional $300 surcharge for 12~18 years old children to charge additional fees of $1000." The travel agency staff said. In fact, the so-called age surcharge, no matter how much tourism bureau is not allowed to charge. Some travel agencies with different ages, the cascade price way to ‘play the edge ball "." A senior Chongqing tourism practitioners told reporters that "the travel agency for the elderly and children extra surcharge, and not because of the risk of problems, but the tourism destination travel charge, Chongqing travel agencies are only collecting. Because the age is too small or too old tourists, spending power is relatively weak, the basic will not participate in their own projects or into the store shopping, so have to pay hundreds of dollars’ preservation’." The tourism practitioners admitted that the so-called special mission is mainly concentrated in Yunnan, Hong Kong and Macao to shopping based tourism routes. In addition to the special group will receive additional fees, but also on the group’s age range, gender and other requirements, for fear that the local tour guides to guide tourists shopping, consumption of male tourists too many guides". In this regard, Chongqing day extension lawyer Zhou Longhai told reporters that the travel agency called for old people and children to travel surcharge is in order to reduce the risks of argument is untenable, is illegal. "If the travel agency is really to children and the elderly insurance and avoid risks, travel agencies should inform the group, and the relevant documents, such as the policy will be presented to the group. It should be treated equally, and in accordance with the provisions of the National Tourism Administration, on the same tour, tourists travel agency may exist because of age or occupation of the differences, put forward different contract matters and other tourists." Chongqing tourism law enforcement corps official said in an interview with this reporter, the law of charge travel surcharge, do not make the relevant provisions, but the travel agency to the elderly, children received the name of age surcharge is not allowed. If consumers encounter such a situation, you can call 12301 complaints. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the collection of evidence, and retain the written contract and related audio and video evidence.相关的主题文章:

Deep autumn Shaoxing what fruit cheap what good sales come

Deep autumn Shaoxing what fruit cheap what good sales season come onlookers into the late autumn, the season of the year, the market is full of all kinds of new fruits. Watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes gradually fade out, replaced by orange, jujube, grapefruit, apple and pear. With the increasing amount of the original price listed, the autumn fruit also have lowered the price, even some time ago has been "superior" jujube, also began to fall. Seasonal fruit drop to drop nearly 3 worth of apple "Shandong red Fuji 2.99 yuan catty 2.99 yuan fine, Huangguan pear pounds, 2.48 pounds of pomelo." This afternoon, the reporter in Shaoxing, some supermarkets, fruit market visits found that with the gradual increase in the amount of autumn fruit market, fruit prices generally lower. Like watermelon, melon and other some summer season price and selling fruit, now basically down to 2 yuan a catty about some seasonal fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, apples, oranges and jujube also reduces the net worth. Especially apple, prices fell nearly 1/3 over last year. I just a few days ago from Shaanxi, Shandong, Gansu and other major apple producing areas to buy Apple back this year, Apple’s purchase price fell by about 3 compared to last year." In the textile city of fruit wholesale market, Yao root fruit wholesale business manager Wang Yaogen told reporters, such as Shaanxi apple 70MM this year more than the purchase price of 2.5 yuan catty, Shandong apple 80MM this year more than the purchase price of 2.5 yuan, 2.8 yuan a catty, and last year the same specifications of apple’s acquisition price in 3.5 yuan jins. According to reports, the main reason for Apple prices to decline this year on the one hand is the main producing areas of harvest, on the other hand, farmers reluctant to sell to the price last year, causing buyers due to high prices and no interest, local farmers only own storage in the refrigerator, in the new year, Apple has not sold out, only to 1.5 yuan pounds or even lower price to sell. Last year was reluctant to sell the losses caused by the buyers this year out of 2.5 yuan price, they think more reasonable. In addition, the situation is almost pear, such as Shaanxi tribute pear (specification 6 – 8 two), last year’s purchase price of $1.6, only $1.1 this year. But this year the orange prices higher than in previous years, especially in Jiangxi, this year the Orange exposure a Huanglongbing, but once the disease is highly infectious, often into a piece of fruit trees, fruit trees have lost a lot of fruit in the fruit mature before the serious losses caused by production decline. This year, the purchase price of 2.7 yuan catty orange, and last year only 2.2 yuan jins. The navel orange in the wholesale price of 4.5 yuan per catty, retail price basically in more than 5 yuan. General purchase price plus transportation, packaging, storage and other costs of about 1 pounds." Wang Yaogen told reporters, therefore, currently more than 70MM Apple wholesale price of 4 yuan catty about 1.8 yuan catty pear, grapefruit 2.2 yuan catty, jujube 7 yuan catty, 4.5 yuan catty orange, Hunan orange in 4 yuan jin. But reporters found that Shaanxi Dongzao retail price is still 10 yuan catty, the price is still relatively high. Wang Yaogen told reporters, Shaanxi jujube quality is very good, before the wholesale price in 15 yuan or 20 yuan jin,.相关的主题文章: