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Xinhua News Agency blaming China for market turmoil has masked concern for real issues-rosstallanma

Xinhua news agency, blamed the market turmoil on the China obscures the real problems focused on the US stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes stock warrants Sina News Beijing 15 news, Xinhua News Agency published in February 14th English comments "blamed the market turmoil on the cover of China the real concern", the translation is as follows: to stock investors last week marked a period of darkness. In addition to the holiday break, almost all of the exchange benchmark indexes fell. The latest market collapse that the recent financial market turmoil due to Chinese has no basis, because the Chinese stock market because of the Lunar New Year holiday, during China did not announce any new policy or economic data. Many people think that the market turmoil is the result of various factors, including the Japanese unexpectedly with negative interest rates, the interest rate uncertainty, oil prices plummeted, and fears of a major European bank financial strength. In a sense, the global market is insulated from the "market impact Chinese last week, but there are still people trying to blame the market fell China, rather than paying attention to the plight of the global real economy. Over the past few years, the world economy has been lasting sluggish recovery problems, because the extremely loose monetary policy to boost asset prices, avoid the bubble burst. In addition, the deflation trend also makes policymakers more difficult to deal with challenges. It is true that China will not completely avoid these problems, because China is vigorously promoting structural adjustment. However, unlike some critics say that the Chinese economy still in a strong position, the so-called "hard landing" the possibility is very small. On the one hand, China’s GDP grew by 6.9% in 2015, although it was significantly lower than the previous years, but it is still the highest growth rate in the world. Given the growth of China’s economy, China’s output last year can easily go beyond the previous year’s data. On the other hand, the slowdown in China’s economy is largely due to China’s efforts to optimize its economic structure. Such efforts have already produced effects, and the third industry in China is becoming a potential new engine of growth for China’s economy. China’s goal is to build a healthier, more sustainable economy and make greater contributions to the global economy. I believe that the international community will be pleased to see China’s successful economic restructuring. With the growing influence of China on the world stage, China finds itself increasingly becoming the victim of groundless accusations in the economic field. Of the world’s leading economies especially in developed economies, the utmost urgency is to take action to stabilize markets and restore investor confidence, promote economic growth, rather than the customary accused Chinese. Editor in chief: Wang Yongsheng SF153

新华社:将市场动荡归咎于中国掩盖了对真正问题的关注 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间15日消息,新华社2月14日发表了英文评论《将市场动荡归咎于中国掩盖了对真正问题的关注》,全文翻译如下:   对股市投资者来说,上周标志着一个黑暗时期。除了因假期而休市的,几乎所有交易所的基准指数都下挫。最新的市场崩溃表明,那些把最近的金融市场的动荡归咎于中国的指责毫无根据,因中国股市因农历新年而休市,期间中国也没有公布任何经济数据或新的政策。   许多人认为,市场动荡是各种因素的结果,包括日本意外地采用负利率、美国加息前景不明朗、油价暴跌、以及市场对欧洲主要银行财务实力的担忧。   尽管某种意义上讲,上周全球市场“绝缘于”中国市场的影响,但仍有人试图将市场下挫归咎于中国,而非关注真正的全球经济困境。   过去数年,世界经济受到持久的复苏乏力的困扰,因各国采用极度宽松的货币政策以提振资产价格,避免泡沫破灭。另外,通货紧缩趋势也令决策者们更难以应对挑战。   诚然,中国也不会完全避免这些问题,因中国正在大力推进结构调整。但是,不像一些评论家声称的那样,中国经济仍然处于强势低位,所谓的“硬着陆”的可能性非常小。   一方面,2015年中国GDP实现了6.9%的增长,尽管大幅低于前几年的增长率,但在全世界仍属增速最高之列。考虑到增长的中国经济规模,中国去年增加的产出可以轻松超越往年的年度数据。   另一方面,中国经济增长放缓很大程度上是由于中国大力优化经济结构所致。这样的努力已经产生效果,中国第三产业正在成为中国经济潜在的新的增长引擎。   中国的目标是构建一个更为健康、更可持续发展的经济体,为全球经济做出更大贡献。相信国际社会会很高兴看到中国成功实现经济结构调整。   随着中国在世界舞台的影响力日益扩大,中国发现自身也越来越多地成为经济领域无端指责的受害者。   对世界上的主要经济体尤其是发达经济体而言,目前最大的紧迫性就是采取行动稳定市场,重塑投资者信心,推动经济增长,而非习惯性地指责中国。 责任编辑:王永生 SF153相关的主题文章:

Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission ticketing disputes become hot, agents have traps (video)

Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee: ticket agency has become a hot dispute Consumer Protection Committee of Shanghai Municipal Airport Office recently trap through the newspaper to remind consumers: air consumption, personal consumption to avoid impulse spending, not by some airline ticket agent offers the temptation, in order to avoid losses; related enterprises to comply with the rules, government and industry the established commitment, and consumers together to create good market environment for consumption. Recently, the city Consumer Protection Committee airport office through the typical case and rights scanning and consumer alert three aspects of work, so that consumers understand how to protect their own interests in the air consumption process. In the specific work of the airport office of the Consumer Protection Committee of the city, ticket complaints have been ranked as the first complaint of aviation in recent years. From the consumer complaints, complaints involving more than 80% ticket ticket agent service, especially caused by the third party online sellers purchasing, sales agents and improper ticket consumer disputes increased significantly. A few airline ticket agent companies playing in the service process Maoni "seeking illegitimate interests, against the interests of consumers. Chinese Tourism Research Institute and the International Union recently jointly issued the "2016 annual report" China outbound tourism development, the report said the number of outbound tourists in China this year will be an increase of 11.5%, up to 133 million people. The report shows that the number of outbound tourists in China reached 117 million in 2015, an increase of 9.8%. This compares with a few years ago about 20% of the rapid growth, or significantly narrowed. Dai Bin, President of the China Tourism Research Institute, said that after more than 20 years of rapid development, the number of outbound tourists in China dropped for the first time. Nevertheless, China’s outbound tourism market still has great potential for growth. At present, China has less than 6% of the population with overseas travel documents, and there are still a large number of customers to be developed. In the next 5 to 10 years, the fundamentals of the steady growth of China’s outbound tourists will not change." With the steady growth of the number of outbound tourists in China, the number of air passenger transport is also increasing, and the air ticketing agent market has also been booming. However, domestic air ticket agent management is not standardized, lack of integrity, resulting in frequent disputes caused by the ticket, the number of complaints increased year by year, has gradually become a hot issue and difficult social aviation consumer rights work of the. Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee: airline ticket agent management presented five chaos City Consumer Protection Committee airport office during a recent interview with this newspaper said that with the continuous development of economy, people’s living standards, increasing passenger volume, airline ticket agent market to flourish. At the same time, because of the domestic air ticket agency management is not standardized, lack of credibility, the ticket dispute has become the hot issue and difficult social aviation consumer rights work of the. At present, air ticketing agents operating mainly in the following five: first, the use of chaos booking information asymmetry, "substitution" price ticket for a cheap ticket case [introduction] consumers Mr. Chen through the ticket agent to buy a round-trip ticket from Shanghai to the United States, and in the process when the United States was back to the airport staff to inform the ticket has been canceled, but Mr. Chen can only buy tickets back home again. According to the survey, Mr. Chen passed the ticket

上海消保委:票务纠纷成热点 代理经营有陷阱 上海市消费者权益保护委员会空港办公室近日通过本报提醒广大消费者:航空类消费中,个人消费切忌冲动消费,不要被一些航空票务代理的优惠所诱惑,以免造成损失;相关企业要遵守政府和行业已制定的各项规则,信守承诺,与消费者一起共创良好市场消费环境。近期,市消保委空港办通过典型案例、维权扫描和消费提醒等三方面工作,让广大消费者了解在航空类消费过程中如何维护自身的权益。市消保委空港办在具体工作中发现,票务类投诉近几年一直位居航空类投诉首位。从消费者投诉情况看,八成以上的票务类投诉涉及票务代理服务,特别是因网上第三方卖家采购、代理销售机票失当而引发的消费争议明显增多。少数航空票务代理企业在服务过程中大玩“猫腻”,牟取不当利益,侵害消费者权益。中国旅游研究院与银联国际近日共同发布《2016年中国出境旅游发展年度报告》,报告称今年我国出境游人数将同比增长11.5%,达1.33亿人次。《报告》显示,2015年中国出境旅游人数达1.17亿人次,同比增长9.8%。这相较几年前20%左右的高速增长,涨幅明显收窄。中国旅游研究院院长戴斌表示,在经历20多年高速发展后,中国出境游人数增速首次跌至个位数。“尽管如此,中国出境游市场仍具有巨大的增长潜力。目前我国拥有海外旅游证件的人口比例不到6%,还有巨大的客群有待开发。未来5年至10年,中国出境游人数稳定增长的基本面不会变。”中国出境游人数的稳定增长,使得航空客运量也在不断增加,航空票务代理市场也获得了蓬勃发展。然而,国内航空票务代理经营的不规范、诚信缺失,致使票务纠纷频发,引起的投诉数量逐年持续上升,已逐渐成为航空消费维权工作的难点和社会的热点问题。上海市消保委:航空票务代理经营呈现“五大乱象”市消保委空港办近日接受本报专访时表示,随着经济的不断发展,人民生活水平的提高,航空客运量的不断增加,航空票务代理市场得以蓬勃发展。同时,由于国内航空票务代理经营的不规范、诚信缺失,票务纠纷已逐渐成为航空消费维权工作的难点和社会的热点问题。目前,航空票务代理经营主要有以下五大乱象:一、利用订票信息不对称,“偷梁换柱”高价票换成低价票【案情介绍】消费者陈老先生通过机票代理购买了一套上海至美国的往返机票,而在回程时却被美国机场工作人员告知机票已经被取消了,无奈陈先生只能重新另购机票回国。【调查结果】经调查,陈先生通过票务公司订购的美国往返机票票价为人民币9000余元。而后票务公司隔天在其他购票平台上发现了有同样行程的机票,价格为人民币7000余元,便立即通过广东某代理重新订购了一套同样时间、同样行程的机票,之后就私下取消了陈先生先前订购的机票,企图“神不知、鬼不觉”地赚取2000元差价。而回程当日,陈老先生在美国机场办理乘机手续时,由于语言不通,所提供乘机信息为被取消的机票,因此,造成无法乘机。二、变相设置套餐产品,擅自修改客票退、改、签使用规则【案情介绍】消费者梁小姐向一家在线旅游代理商购买了某航空公司深圳-上海的航班,因自身原因误机,便向该在线旅游代理商提出退票。被告知购买的是不得退改签的机票。后发现该在线旅游代理商的退票规则与航空公司的规则不符,便向市消保委空港办公室投诉。【调查结果】经调查,消费者实际购买的是该在线旅游代理商推出的一款优惠套餐产品,套餐中包含了一张机票及10000积分,在线旅游代理商对该机票的使用限制条件规定为不得退改签。于是,消费者便按照在线旅游代理商的规定,仅退到相关税费。当消费者事后与承运航空公司确认时,却得到其购买的机票可以退票的信息。该在线旅游代理商利用套餐产品规定,限制承运航空公司赋予消费者的机票退改签的权利。三、对未使用机票擅自办理退票,侵吞机票款【案情介绍】消费者陈小姐通过代理购买了上海虹桥飞深圳的某航空公司机票,但消费者乘机当日因自身原因误机,未能乘坐原来购买的航班,数月后消费者向航空公司查询改签和退票规定时,发现机票已作退票处理,便投诉该航空公司,要求合理解释和处理。【调查结果】经调查,消费者通过在线平台第三方卖家购票,因这些卖家在平台上获取购票信息后,再以“代买”形式经营,这些卖家会经常定期梳理“代买”的机票情况,对没有乘机和即将到有效期的机票,在购票人不知情情况下,擅自向承运航空公司提出退票,并侵吞退票款。四、可办理退票的机票,不予协助办理或加收手续费【案情介绍】消费者刘先生由于身体不适需住院治疗,期间购买的机票便无法使用,后通过票务代理向承运航空公司申请病退,并提供了本人的出院小结、住院病历、住院医药费发票及身份证复印件。后得到票务代理答复,称航空公司拒绝退票,于是便投诉航空公司。【调查结果】经调查,消费者通过某网络机票批发平台购票,经航空公司核实,该平台一直没有将消费者提交相关病历材料转给原机票销售代理,并由该代理向航空公司提交病退申请,所以致使消费者的机票未作病退处理。五、航班发生变动,不予通知和协助改签服务【案情介绍】消费者从网上代理购买了12张某航空公司上海至苏梅的往返机票,并通过邮件得到确认。消费者在回国前一天查询其乘坐航班时,得知该班次航班已经变动,但代理并未告知航班变动的情况。于是消费者在国外自行联系该航空公司客服改签航班,才得以顺利回国。消费者对代理未通知航班变动和产生额外损失进行投诉。【调查结果】经调查,消费者网上订购的12张机票,实为线下某国际旅行社的出票,因原定回程前段航班变动,后段航班无法衔接,因此,将原12张机票另行换开新机票,当航班发生变动后,该代理自认为应该由航空公司发出通知,未尽到通知责任和协助改签等后续服务。机票销售代理公司伪造机票行程单侵害消费者权益案例回顾:2014年10月28日,消费者张女士花费1700元,在上海某旅游咨询有限公司订购3张机票,其中2张成人票,1张儿童票。当时,旅游公司出具了“航空运输电子客票行程单”(以下简称“行程单”),注明成人机票价为600元、儿童机票价为500元。乘机当日,张女士发现登机牌上显示,成人机票价仅为479元、儿童票机价仅为369元。事后,张女士与旅游公司交涉,未得到妥善解决。最后,经过市工商行政管理局机场分局和消保委空港办的介入,消费者得到了比较满意的解决方案,该案是2015年上海市十大消费维权重要案例之一。经查,张女士在该旅游公司购买了2014年10月29日上海至哈尔滨的春秋航空的机票3张,并要求开具机票行程单。在消费者不知情的情况下,旅游公司提供了3张伪造的机票行程单,标示的是价格为总计1700元,张女士予以了支付。后查明,旅游公司为张女士订购的3张机票的实际价格共计1327元,非法获利373元。在市消保委介入后,该旅游公司向张女士退还了差价并作出相应赔偿。维权意见:市消保委空港办认为,该旅游公司作为一家机票销售代理公司,为赚取利润,隐瞒机票的真实价格,在消费者不知情的情况下,提供伪造机票行程单。从其主观性而言,旅游公司明知无法开具上述航班正规机票行程单,仍然提供伪造的机票行程单欺诈消费者,赚取利润,主观故意明显;从其客观性而言,旅游公司的上述行为给消费者造成了损失,侵害了消费者的合法权益。依据《上海市人民代表大会常务委员会公告》(第19号),2014年11月20日上海市第十四届人民代表大会常务委员会第十六次会议通过的《关于修改〈上海市消费者权益保护条例〉的决定》,修正后的《上海市消费者权益保护条例》已于2015年3月15日正式施行。本案的旅游公司隐瞒机票真实价格、提供伪造行程单的违法行为发生于2014年10月28日,案发时修正后的《上海市消费者权益保护条例》尚未施行,其行为违反了《上海市消费者权益保护条例》(颁布日期2002年10月29日)第二十二条的“经营者提供商品或者服务时,不得用以假充真、以次充好、销售掺杂掺假商品、虚假标价等欺诈方法,损害消费者合法权益。前款所称的欺诈,是指故意告知消费者虚假情况或者故意隐瞒真实情况,诱使消费者作出错误意思表示的行为。”之规定,本案适用修正前的《上海市消费者权益保护条例》。 迪士尼“假票”案告破:票务支持公司员工变造门票 获利49万 (该视频仅供延展。)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:

Parents to rent girlfriend 6000 yuan red man want to return the rejected – Sohu news-restorator

Parents to rent girlfriend 6000 yuan red man want to return the rejected Sohu news "love is not you want to buy, want to buy can buy", for this song, a 32 year old man, a song Meishan in the Spring Festival is keenly aware of this. Before the Spring Festival, working outside the song branch with a rented girlfriend Ge Li returned home, see "daughter-in-law", a song full of joy before parents, secretly to Ge Li red 6000 yuan. Over the years, the song branch and Ge Li returned to Fujian, when the song of that red after a few times to ask for Ge Li, no fruit. In desperation, the song branch to find a lawyer to sue to recover the parents. But the lawyer replied, let him tangled up…… Bo happy parents rent girlfriend home for the Spring Festival in February 24th, the Spring Festival has a half distance, but the red it still affected the 32 year old man, Danleng song. "If you give me a chance, I still don’t know how to choose, parents happy is important, but 6000 yuan is not a small number." Song, sweet and upset the Spring Festival memory, from the beginning of the five smells a sigh. The song of Meishan, 32 years old this year, has not found love. The early years of parents mention marriage, the song branch but also to fight again two years "as the origin of prevarication. But from a few years ago, in Fujian a garment factory of the song of marriage, became the spring home parents will talk about the event. The Spring Festival in 2015, the name of a single song branch to work overtime, no home. In 2016 before the Spring Festival, mother asked whether the song of the Chinese New Year back home, the phone, that mother’s cold in bed for two days, a sad song, casually said his girlfriend and go home together. After hanging up the phone, the song branch thought of friends and colleagues of the Ge Li, a party before, 27 year old Li Ge had inadvertently said that the Spring Festival does not go home. Then, the song branch find Ge Li, she proposed to his girlfriend’s identity with their own home ideas. And verbal commitments "before the Spring Festival to go back to the song branch, is the beginning of the five month away; during the lodging expenses, another 2000 yuan to pay the remuneration; just pretend lover, not a false thing becomes true" and other conditions. Ge Li a bit reluctant to the song, after some persuasion, she reluctantly agreed. Red hair parents ask him two days to no avail for lawyers before the Spring Festival, the song branch with Gregory Liru period and return. The song branch said, Ge Li was born in Guangxi, tall, good conversation, which makes the song of my parents Daxinyanli happy. Song Ke, because of his friends and colleagues and Ge Li, and in return gave Ge Li told the situation at home, so Li Ge and parents talked very speculative, and go out together, very polite and well behaved, let the song of parents very happy. Song Ke said, "in front of the relatives, their backs are straight." Is the beginning of the five months before, the song branch parents specifically to take them to the station, although feel the joy on the face, this let Song Ke was very grateful to Ge Li, he once thought, and back to the factory, to Ge Li buy clothes as a special thanks for additional. But a few days ago, a call to parents, let the song branch changed his mind. The phone, the song branch parents table.

父母给租来的女友6000元红包 男子想要回遭拒-搜狐新闻  “爱情不是你想买,想买就能买”,对于这句歌词,32岁的眉山丹棱男子宋科在这个春节算是有了切身体会。   春节前,在外务工的宋科带着“租来的女友”葛丽回到家中,见到“准儿媳”后,宋科父母满心欢喜,临走前偷偷给了葛丽6000元红包。过完年后,宋科和葛丽返回福建,当宋科得知红包一事后,几次向葛丽索要,均无果。无奈之下,宋科找到律师准备起诉讨回父母给的红包。但律师的回答,让他纠结了……   为博父母开心 “租女友”回家过春节   2月24日,距离春节已半月,但红包这个事仍在影响着32岁的丹棱男子宋科。“如果再给我一次机会,我仍然不知道怎么选择,父母开心固然重要,但6000元也不是个小数目。”宋科甜蜜又烦恼的春节记忆,从五味杂陈的一声叹息开始。   宋科是眉山人,今年32岁,一直没有觅得情投意合的佳人。早些年父母提及婚事,宋科还能以“再奋斗两年”为由来搪塞。但从几年前开始,在福建某服装厂上班的宋科的婚事,就成了春节回家时父母必谈的大事。2015年春节,单身的宋科以加班的名义,没有回家。   2016年春节前,母亲询问宋科是否回家过年,电话中,得知母亲感冒卧床两天了,宋科心酸,随口称自己将和女朋友一起回家。挂断电话后,宋科想到了同事兼朋友的葛丽,在此之前的一次聚会里,27岁的葛丽曾无意间说过春节不回家。于是,宋科找到葛丽,提出了让她以女友的身份跟自己回家过年的想法。并口头承诺了“春节前一起回宋科家,正月初五就走;期间吃住行费用全包,另支付2000元酬金;只是假装恋人,不得假戏真做”等条件。   葛丽一开始有些不太愿意,经宋科一番劝说后,她勉强答应了。   父母发的红包   他索要无果求助律师   春节前两天,宋科带着葛丽如期而归。宋科称,葛丽出生在广西,身材高挑,谈吐也不错,这让宋科的爸妈打心眼里高兴。   宋科介绍,因自己和葛丽是同事兼朋友,加之在回来时曾给葛丽讲了家里的情况,所以葛丽和父母聊得很投机,并且一起出门时,也非常礼貌乖巧,让宋科的父母很开心。宋科说,“在亲戚面前,父母的腰板都直了。”正月初五临别前,宋科的父母专门将他们送到了车站,虽有不舍却满脸喜悦,这让宋科对葛丽充满了感激,他一度想过,等回了厂里,要给葛丽买件衣服作为追加的特别感谢。   但几天前,父母的一通电话,让宋科改变了主意。电话中,宋科的父母表示,他们对葛丽很满意,并叮嘱儿子要和葛丽好好相处,希望他们能尽快成婚。担心两个年轻人在外的生活,宋家父母特别提到,如果两人开支大就跟家里说,随后,父母说到了临走前给了葛丽6000元的红包一事。   就是这最后一句话,让宋科大感意外。他告诉记者,6000元,相当于父母两人近两个月的退休工资。随后,宋科找到了葛丽准备要回红包,几次索要无果。无奈之下,宋科找到了律师,想知道自己能不能通过起诉等法律手段要回这6000元。   女方   承认“帮了忙” 并收了红包   至于葛丽为何不退,宋科说,“她承认此事,但说这是我父母自愿给她的过年红包,不能退。”宋科称这6000元该退给自己,因为当初的“租约”内容没说到这些。但葛丽坚持不退,并告诉他,这是过年红包,退了的话会影响自己一年的运气。而且,葛丽提到,宋科当初找到自己帮忙时,并没有说收到红包要退还。   昨日,成都商报记者电话联系到了葛丽,表明来意后,葛丽承认是“帮过这个忙”,也承认宋家父母春节给自己发了红包。但她没透露金额,表示“这是私事,不关你们的事。”之后便挂断了电话。记者随后多次拨打,但对方没有再接听,短信也未回复。   男方   钱还要不要 不愿父母知道真相   成都商报记者将多位律师的意见转告宋科后,宋科一阵沉默,随后问道:那该怎么办呢?   回想起这个春节,宋科算了算账:“春节期间来回的车票和开销,加上给她的两千块,我都已经花了一个多月的工资。”宋科甚至有点懊恼自己,“要是她不答应和我回家,我春节多半不会回家,至少节约上万元。”   但到底该怎么办呢?这钱要还是不要,该怎么要,32岁的小伙子完全无解,“我担心爸爸妈妈知道真相后会很伤心,但也不想让爸爸妈妈的钱就这样白白地给了别人。”   成都商报记者 蒋麟 (文中人物均为化名)   律师说法   二老一年内 有权追回赠予   考虑到父母均已年近六旬,身体不好,宋科没打算让父母知道真相。但律师表示,如果想让葛丽退回钱,宋科的父母就难免会知道真相,因为在法律上,类似的情况不仅追讨时间有规定,追讨权利也有限制。   四川洪运律师事务所律师李燕红表示,“租女友”的行为本身违反了公序良俗,是不受我国法律保护的。二老可以撤销该赠予,有权要回这个钱。四川新念律师事务所主任王新年律师表示,父母等长辈送给这位“准儿媳”的礼金是一种赠予行为,但如果不是“准儿媳”这一特殊身份,长辈是不可能做出这个赠予行为的。因此,该行为又涉及法律中一个名为“重大误解”的概念。按照我国法律规定,在一年内由赠予人通过法院来确认撤销赠予行为。“宋科需将真相告诉其父母,由他们通过法律手段来追回。”   泰和泰律师事务所律师陶伟也认为,这个民事行为有效还是无效,暂无定论,但父母发红包真实意图是针对女方是男方真实的女朋友,如果双方不是真正恋人关系的话,这就不是真实意思的表示,这可能是一种不当得利,一旦发生这样的事情,男方父母可以要求女方退还,但陶伟也明确表示,追讨者须是发红包者,追讨时间也有规定。相关的主题文章: