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Former Lakers coach Jeremy Lin angrily he did not understand why you need to apologize to Kobe -9c8947

Former Lakers coach NUPI Jeremy Lin: he does not understand why you need to apologize to Kobe   our relationship is very poor – Fujian channel — original title: former Lakers coach NUPI Jeremy Lin: 38 points is not respect Kobe our poor relations of Scott and Jeremy Lin. Beijing time on October 8th, from the U.S. media reported that former Lakers coach Byron Scott recently launched a new book. In the new book, Scott bluntly his relationship with Jeremy Lin is very poor, and criticized the lack of respect for the understanding of Jeremy Lin Kobe. Scott reviewed a total of 8 he coached the defender. About Jeremy Lin, Scott wrote, "I am not a fan of Jeremy Lin, he does not love the face of Kobe and the Lakers scored 38 points, you can’t like this do not respect one of the greatest players in NBA history. Our relationship was not very good from the beginning, especially when he didn’t understand why he had to apologize to Kobe for his disrespect." "Our relationship is completely broken in the game with the Grizzlies last time, I told Jeremy Lin don’t foul, and Kobe gave him roar go foul, eventually he was reluctant to go foul," Scott said, "at that moment, I really very angry. As a Laker player, you have to know that you have to listen to Kobe’s instructions. It’s like the instructions from my mouth." "I don’t know why Jeremy Lin is so confused, I guess he didn’t learn it at Harvard University." Jeremy Lin in an interview, made it clear that the Lakers in the effectiveness of the day, so that he lost the fun of playing. From Scott’s words, Jeremy Lin was pushed out of Losangeles. At the start of the 14-15 season, he was the Lakers’ first point guard and gradually dropped to the bench. After the switch to the Hornets, Jeremy Lin said he was back in love with basketball. Now, Jeremy Lin has become the new core of the nets, he updated social media, "back to the golf course, and playing for a new team I love, feel great!!!". (commissioning editor Yao Luying and Zhang Zijian)相关的主题文章:

B information Nimes nearly 7 matches unbeaten team draw

B information: Nimes nearly 7 matches unbeaten team draw more Friday 010           B;   Valenciennes VS Nimes       2016-10-29 02:00         Venue: varens Xie Na, Hainaut stadium weather: Sunny 11 degrees Celsius, Wa Ron Semyon Na situation: Valenciennes round away against the bottom of the rankings at Winterthur, results in 1 than 4 opponents, only one goal or other own goal. As a result, Valenciennes ended the two game winning streak, the integral is still 17 points, ranking dropped to eighth. Two consecutive victories may make Valenciennes somewhat lax, to show the attitude of the enemy tours as a result of this defeat. But it can also warn Valenciennes, don’t underestimate the enemy. The opponent Nimes ranked midstream, want to win the team need to concentrate. Although the two win offensive performance, but the defense is still a weak link in valenciennes. The twelve round lost 15 goals, which is the worst in the top ten teams. If you want to go further, you need to pay attention to this problem. Nimes situation: recently in the seven round, Nimes unbeaten, good performance, just draw more, so the integration was not big progress. Currently the team points 15 points in the standings in the position of the top eleventh. Aliwei as the team’s main striker, recently three did not play, the state in a slump, but he had two assists for the team, is dedicated. Kuaku recent round of good performance in Aliwei did not play for the team for a draw away, scoring 2 goals. Game Analysis: recently in the six round, Valenciennes made 2 wins 2 flat 2 negative, including home court 1 wins 1 flat 1 negative, home court scoring 5 goals and conceding 4 goals. Nimes scored 2 wins and 4 draws, including away from home in the game of 2 wins and 1 draws, scored a total of 8 goals, missed the goal of 4. The last two seasons the two teams clash four times, Valenciennes made 2 flat 2 negative, home court advantage is not obvious. There is little difference between the two teams, the game is likely to draw a tie, scoring 2, 4. Lineup prediction: Wa Ron Semyon Na (4-3-1-2): Pelcz, Carter, Kang, tower, Mal, Thor, Neri, Tamoz, Enza Jaime Faith, Jeannie, Sherlock Hu Dai, Da Costa, Fristin Nimes (4-3-3): Kanon, Diabate, Harley grams, Brian hole, pull, Nigeria, Joe Angu, Sava Niel, Waals, Repat, Ubud Aliwei (farim)相关的主题文章:

Bob – Dylan won the Nobel Prize is a signal Literature encountered unprecedented crisis – Sohu Cultu-adobe gamma

Bob – Dylan won the Nobel Prize is a signal: Literature encountered an unprecedented crisis – Sohu culture channel, the award-winning, and was implicated in the coming of the, the. Is said to have a culture known as Bob? Dylan is similar to Shakespeare’s genius, I haven’t careful research, but should be possible, as there are a lot of people talk about singing music creators Eminem has Shakespeare’s language talent. This is a rather haphazard analogy, but there is some truth in the analogy of cultural influence and status. Shakespeare created a new world, a new type of characters and a number of new vocabulary, this is enough to explain the views of Bloom, Shakespeare’s great. Literature has shouldering the creation function, Shakespeare naturally had extraordinary place, but also was born in a theatrical stage has the cultural status of the period (There is nothing comparable to this is because of its great influence, it is always facing the Protestant closed may). The task of creating new people was later dispersed into non imaginative writing, and finally to the social movement and non reading media. Sutter said that the theory of post colonialism and revolution is in the creation of new people, and now we believe that robots and artificial intelligence are in the creation of new. We create a new means of today’s rich literary imagination, no longer seems to have the unique power, it must be very fierce competition and all made plastic people way, but it is not as popular music, not drama, not large virtual reality game, also not create reality playground. In this sense, perhaps today’s Shakespeare is an artist like Dylan. Reading in the printing culture rise, in Western Europe in eighteenth Century, in Chinese is perhaps the late Ming Dynasty, this is a human cognitive and emotional revolution, people begin to imagine the world free to establish a close relationship with society in the book. But today, the desk reading seems to have become a kind of conservative and cowardly. Knowledge follows the radio waves of radio waves from the sky and the sea, and there is no good equipment and an unusually flexible mind. There is not enough brains, to be converted into brain science and technology. So, Dylan’s award is a signal that has been in crisis literature encountered the biggest crisis in the hitherto unknown mode of transmission, reading literature is literature itself aside and disgust, and audio-visual media based on the text has got on top. I don’t really want to talk about the "literary" value of Dylan’s lyrics, and there is not much room for expansion. Folk literature has always been a part of literature, but the so-called classic literature, mostly through the transformation of the literati, must be different from the common language as a basis for their existence. Classical literature has always been borrowed from the creation of popular art form, but it is not equal to the popular art of genius. Modernism and Postmodernism in twentieth Century just this fracture to the extreme, although these absurd literary genre and culture in twentieth Century the same, in the ways of expression are consciously from the public. So the biggest significance of Dylan winning or not is the appreciation of the lyrics of "literariness", in)相关的主题文章: