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A Quanzhou man swallowed 5 cm long iron throat card can not breathe-bleep

A Quanzhou man swallowed 5 cm long iron throat was unable to breathe card Taiwanese network news November 19th 2:30 yesterday afternoon, a man was sent to the people’s Hospital Affiliated to Quanzhou medical college. His throat was stuck in a foreign body. According to the doctor, the patient may persist for 5 minutes in the most serious cases. The patient can only sit, lie down and can not breathe, what is the end of the throat? From a man’s body out of the iron man broke the doctor’s mouth, but what can not see. In case of emergency, shooting all too late, medical personnel immediately put into the rescue. They are ready to vein, to prevent patients with cardiac arrest, without anesthesia, they quickly tracheal intubation, tracheal connection and oxygen respirator. At this point, the patient to ease breathing difficulties, from the hospital to calculate, this series of rescue took only 10 minutes. Determine the blood pressure and heart rate of patients was stable, the doctor again pry the patient’s mouth, looking for a long time, only to find a black foreign body trachea, but unable to distinguish what is. The doctor used pliers after trying to remove the foreign body, but is stuck, the doctor is still unable to remove repeatedly transform angle. After 20 minutes, the foreign body was finally taken out slowly. In this way, the medical staff was surprised and taken was a square with the skin of iron, total length of about 5 cm, 3 cm wide. The doctor said, if only the iron, not the trachea blocked, however, breathe in the skin surrounding the iron will cover the trachea, causing the patient to normal breathing. Because of the damage range, the man is still in hospital ICU. But why would he be so much iron swallow still can make nothing of it. Related links – the Haim Lidtke maneuver foreign card throat is a lot of people, especially children, easy to encounter, can be the first time to use "like first aid first aid,". Children under the age of 3, held the child up immediately, hand pinch the child cheekbones on both sides, the arms close child’s chest, the other hand holding a baby neck, let it face down, lying in the rescue of the knee. The children back on 1~5, and to observe whether the child will spit out foreign body. If not spit, turn over the child, lying on the hard ground or bed, rescuers kneel or in the side of a foot, or take the seat, and the children riding on the rescue lap, facing the front. Rescuers with the hands of the middle finger or index finger, placed on the chest and belly of the child’s chest, the rapid upward pressure, but very gentle. Repeat until foreign body discharge. Emergency rescue station: adult patients in behind, with two arms around the patient’s waist, then hand clenched fist, thumb side will be placed in the patient’s chest and abdomen navel. Grab the fist with the other hand and quickly press the patient’s abdomen. Repeat the above procedure until the foreign body. For self: 3 steps can be used for the adult 4 steps, or slightly bent down, depending on the level of a fixed object, the object edge compression on the abdomen, rapid upward impact. Repeat until the foreign body. (reporter Cai Wei Wen sea map)相关的主题文章:

The child’s body, the most vulnerable to the lack of these 4 vitamins – Sohu

The child’s body, most likely a lack of these 4 vitamins – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual these 4 vitamins are very important to children, but the children are very easy to lack of vitamin A: now most of the children are in contact with many electronic products TV, computer, etc., will often be seen for a long time and was too focused, this will make the eyes of different degree of harm, often accompanied by dry eyes, fatigue symptoms; some children often have itching, peeling phenomenon; the height growth of children than their peers behind too much, did not like what to eat carbohydrate food. It is also very easy to tooth decay;…… These symptoms, prompt you, the child’s body may be a lack of vitamin A, vitamin A is to protect the eyes of God, is an important nutrient to able-bodied, it will affect the development of bone in children. In addition to teaching children the right and proper use of electronic products for children regularly clean the skin, pay attention to children’s dental hygiene, etc., but also for children to supplement the food. Foods containing vitamin A are animal liver, milk, egg yolk, carrots, pumpkin, etc., please eat right. Vitamin C does not belong to a child looking rosy, pale type; the child is very poor appetite, eating has become the most intense between parent and child "struggle", and child weight height growth is too slow; especially during the season, or have the flu, children are very easy to get sick, low resistance, and not easy to recover when repeated;…… These symptoms, the child’s body may be a lack of vitamin C, compared to other nutrients, most people believe that understanding of vitamin C or vitamin C are important effect is to promote the absorption of iron, improve the resistance to repel cold symptoms. People often say that breastfed children strong resistance, because breast milk is rich in vitamin C content is high, and the children needed nutrients fit is high, in addition, add fresh Vegetable & Fruit, such as orange, grapefruit, kiwi, tomatoes etc.. Note that directly to the baby to eat fruit than drink fruit juice, fruit juice and fruit because of different nutrients, and easily oxidized. Vitamin B2 child anemia; children often mouth ulcers, koujiaoyan; children often do not eat this food, that is not to eat, and indigestion;…… These symptoms, indicating that the child may be a lack of vitamin B2, vitamin B2 is to promote the body’s metabolism and repair of an important element, which is used with vitamin A, so that the body function can be further improved. Foods rich in vitamin B2 include eel, crab, mushrooms, kelp, laver etc.. The quality of vitamin D in children of poor sleep, difficult to sleep; children easily upset; children not long, to very late;…… These symptoms indicate that children may lack vitamin D. Vitamin D is what? Only enough vitamin D, calcium will have the best picture相关的主题文章:

The fashionable jeans in this outfit. 10 formulas do also worry about what to wear, what Sohu!-sexhu

The fashionable jeans in this outfit. 10 formulas do also worry about what to wear, what?! – Sohu jeans has been recognized as the all-match single product, no one. So, a classic section of jeans really can hold live all collocation? Baby do not believe, put up a N body look! The results of the recognized counseling. Two piece 1+ vest jeans with cool vest, summer must not miss the practical wear. Is… Pay attention to sun ang design ~ sister Kim this tank collar and cuffs are easier to fat, so not suitable for shoulder girl. But the normal straight tank will not have such a trap, a little thick arm can also choose slightly a little style shoulder bag. NEW / LOOK 149CNY 2 + black sleeveless T-shirt T-shirt sleeveless vest in style, the most basic and the most familiar people wear T-shirt jeans look. Cotton T-shirt, of course, is the most popular basic models, but there are still some breakthroughs on the fabric. For example, a stiff fabric or knitted fabric, style can also be more texture! The basic / peacebird retro 119CNY 3+’s high necked sweater shirt as enduring, nature is no pressure jeans collocation. 3 MO& Co. 999CNY 4+ retro edge rivet shirt sweater autumn, the weather is getting cooler, so now to prepare in advance a Hoodie to collocation jeans is very necessary. A jacket a trousers, simple and elegant dress is not procrastination. If you happened to be a high waist pants, can also learn sister Kim collocation short paragraph sweater, but also adjust the ratio of bang bang. * LED’IN collocation Yurakucho Huang Jingyu joint short paragraph sweater 269CNY 5+ dress dresses and jeans is not strange, but more bold to wear this, but also need courage good figure ha… Dzzit ^ prime side zipper dress 935CNY three piece 1+ shirt + bralet sling a bottoming shirt the dress really is especially popular this year, which can be used as a practical response to the summer air conditioning room wear, can also be used to resist the coolness of autumn. The ZARA 169CNY 2+ velvet jacket shirt + suit jacket in between the overlap, and outer coat shirt collocation is also a good choice. For example, suits, jeans with sex can break the seriousness of the suit, so that the suit looks more relaxed and energetic. Of course, in addition to a suit jacket, collocation vest is also a good choice. In particular, the spring and summer, more breathable breathable. The MANGO straight cut suit vest!相关的主题文章: