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Central bank inter-bank bond transactions in January 9 trillion and 300 billion, an increase of 127. 镜辟天

Central bank: January interbank bond transactions 9 trillion and 300 billion, an increase of 127.2% in 2016 January financial market operation. First, the bond market issuance   in 2016 January, the bond market issued bonds 2 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 117.3%, a decline of 9.4%. The issuance of 170 billion yuan of treasury bonds, financial bonds issued 412 billion 510 million yuan, the company credit bonds issued 788 billion 140 million yuan of credit asset-backed securities issued 15 billion 540 million yuan, the international agency debt issued 3 billion yuan, 710 billion 130 million yuan interbank deposit certificate issued. In January, the inter-bank bond market issued 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of 109.9%, a decline of 13%. By the end of 1, the total custody balance of the bond market was 48 trillion and 800 billion yuan. The Bond Custody amounted to 10 trillion and 200 billion yuan, the local government bond custody amounted to 4 trillion and 800 billion yuan, the Financial Bond Custody amounted to 13 trillion and 600 billion yuan, the company managed credit bonds amounted to 14 trillion and 600 billion yuan, asset backed securities custody amounted to 498 billion 70 million yuan, the interbank deposit managed amounted to 3 trillion and 300 billion yuan. The custodian balance of the inter-bank bond market was 44 trillion and 700 billion yuan, accounting for 91.7% of the total custody balance of the bond market. Compared with the previous year, 1 at the end of the inter-bank market, credit bond holders, commercial banks hold bonds accounted for 34.2%, up 0.1 percentage points, the non bank financial institutions accounted for 12.2%, up 0.1 percentage points, unincorporated institutional investors and other investors accounted for a total of 53.6%, a decline of 0.2%. From the market structure of bond holders, all banks at the end of 1, commercial banks, non bank financial institutions, institutional investors and other unincorporated categories of investors accounted for 59.4%, 9.6% and 31%. Two, the money market operation in 2016 January, the money market turnover totaled 53 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 111.4%, a decline of 22.6%. Among them, pledged repo turnover of 44 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of 108.4%, a decline of 22.6%; outright repo turnover of 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 152.6%, a decline of 9.2%; interbank turnover 5 trillion and 700 billion yuan, an increase of 116.9%, a decline of 27.9%. In January, the interbank weighted average interest rate was 2.11%, compared with last month, up 14 basis points; pledged repo weighted average interest rate of 2.10%, compared with last month, up 15 basis points. Three, the bond market operation in 2016 January, the inter-bank bond market bond turnover of 9 trillion and 300 billion yuan, the average daily turnover of 465 billion 490 million yuan, an increase of 127.2%, a decline of 2.5%. At the end of 1, the inter-bank bond index was 171.69 points, up 0.32 points from the end of last month, an increase of 0.2%. Four, the stock market performance at the end of 1, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2737.6 points, compared with the end of last month fell 8 央行:1月银行间债券成交9.3万亿 同比增127.2%   2016年1月份金融市场运行情况。   一、债券市场发行情况    2016年1月份,债券市场发行债券2.1万亿元,同比增长117.3%,环比下降9.4%。国债发行1700亿元,金融债券发行4125.1亿元,公司信用类债券发行7881.4亿元,信贷资产支持证券发行155.4亿元,国际机构债发行30亿元,同业存单发行7101.3亿元。1月份银行间债券市场发行1.8万亿元,同比增长109.9%,环比下降13%。   截至1月末,债券市场总托管余额为48.8万亿元。其中,国债托管余额为10.2万亿元,地方政府债券托管余额为4.8万亿元,金融债券托管余额为13.6万亿元,公司信用类债券托管余额为14.6万亿元,信贷资产支持证券托管余额为4980.7亿元,同业存单托管余额为3.3万亿元。   银行间债券市场托管余额为44.7万亿元,占债券市场总托管余额的91.7%。与上年末相比,1月末银行间市场公司信用类债券持有者中,商业银行持有债券占比为34.2%,上升0.1个百分点,非银行金融机构占比为12.2%,上升0.1个百分点,非法人机构投资者和其他类投资者的持有占比共为53.6%,下降0.2个百分点。从全部银行间市场债券持有者结构看,1月末,商业银行、非银行金融机构、非法人机构投资者和其他类投资者的持有占比分别为59.4%、9.6%和31%。   二、货币市场运行情况   2016年1月份,货币市场成交量共计53.1万亿元,同比增长111.4%,环比下降22.6%。其中,质押式回购成交44.3万亿元,同比增长108.4%,环比下降22.6%;买断式回购成交3.1万亿元,同比增长152.6%,环比下降9.2%;同业拆借成交5.7万亿元,同比增长116.9%,环比下降27.9%。1月份,同业拆借月加权平均利率为2.11%,较上月上行14个基点;质押式回购月加权平均利率为2.10%,较上月上行15个基点。   三、债券市场运行情况   2016年1月份,银行间债券市场现券成交9.3万亿元,日均成交4654.9亿元,同比增长127.2%,环比下降2.5%。1月末,银行间债券总指数为171.69点,较上月末上升0.32点,升幅为0.2%。   四、股票市场运行情况   1月末,上证综指收于2737.6点,较上月末下跌802点,跌幅为22.65%;深证成指收于9418.2点,较上月末下跌3247点,跌幅为25.64%。1月份,沪市日均交易量为2181.6亿元,环比下降31%;深市日均交易量为3238.7亿元,环比下降32.4%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Heavy reform of state-owned enterprises announced today (shares) – Sohu securities 太原得一书店

The reform of state-owned enterprises heavy program announced today (with shares) – Sohu securities page first: " ten " reform; the pilot reform of state-owned enterprises to enter the upcoming implementation of the reform of the ten years " " pilot reform of state-owned enterprises to enter the upcoming implementation of the SASAC official told reporters confirmed on February 25th publicly ten reform the pilot, and vigorously promote the reform of state-owned enterprises. And it seems as echo, the two major tourist industry of the central enterprises — Chinese CITS group and CTS group also announced the reorganization of the news in 23 days. " 2016 is the year of stock market trend of state owned enterprise reform policy related companies. " SASAC Deputy Secretary General Peng Huagang February 23rd Seminar on the reform of state owned enterprises to further promote the 21 media, the SASAC will adhere to the pilot first in this year, around the key and difficult problems to carry out the pilot reform of " ten, " the breakthrough, more flowering, through the pilot to promote institutional innovation. Not only that, Peng Huagang pointed out that this year SASAC will focus on quality and efficiency, increase the reorganization and integration of state-owned enterprises, optimize the layout of state-owned capital structure, and promote transformation and upgrading. At the meeting, the SASAC stakeholders confirmed to reporters, will open ten pilot reform program in February 25th, vigorously promote the reform of state-owned enterprises. And it seems as echo, the tourism industry of the central enterprises — China CITS group and CTS group also announced the reorganization of the news on the day of 23. The ten reform will be carried out in " in 2016, the reform has entered a crucial stage and the deep water area, the reform of state-owned enterprises, there are still many difficulties in the process of exploring the problems need to be solved in advance, especially in strengthening the construction of the board of directors, the market hiring managers and the major issues to promote the occupation manager system, reorganization company capital investment operation, still need to speed up the exploration, to seek new breakthroughs. " Peng Huagang representation. It is in this context, the SASAC will also carry out ten pilot reform in the near future. It is understood that the ten reform including the board powers to implement the pilot, market-oriented hiring managers, pilot, pilot implementation of occupation manager system of salary distribution difference of the pilot reform of state-owned capital investment operating company pilot, merger and reorganization of central enterprises pilot, an important part of the field of mixed ownership reform, mixed ownership employee pilot holdings, the information disclosure work of state-owned enterprises pilot, stripping corporate social functions and solve the historical problem of the pilot. These experiments are to implement the relevant requirements of the guiding opinions on deepening the reform of State-owned Enterprises promulgated in September last year, and try to test the difficulties in many difficulties in the reform of state-owned enterprises. Peng Huagang pointed out that the SASAC hopes to make a breakthrough and consensus through pilot, more flowering, to promote institutional innovation. Reporters noted that these pilot directions have caused huge controversy in recent years, such as mixed ownership enterprises ESOP pilot has gone through many times of repeated, but including Datang Telecom, the central enterprises responsible person believes that the real.

国企改革重磅方案今日公布(附股)-搜狐证券 第1页 :"十项改革"试点即将展开国企改革进入落实年   "十项改革"试点即将展开国企改革进入落实年   国资委相关人士向记者证实,将于2月25日公开十项改革试点的方案,大力推进国企改革。而似乎作为呼应的是,两大旅游行业的央企――中国国旅集团和港中旅集团也于23日宣布将重组的消息。   "2016年是国有企业改革政策 相关公司股票走势 的落实年。"国务院国资委副秘书长彭华岗2月23日在深入推进国企国资改革研讨会上向21媒体透露,国资委将在今年坚持试点先行,围绕重点难点问题开展"十项改革试点",通过试点取得突破、多点开花,以点带面,推进体制机制创新。   不仅如此,彭华岗指出,今年国资委也会围绕提质增效,加大国有企业重组整合力度,优化国有资本结构布局,促进转型升级。   会上,国资委相关人士向记者证实,将于2月25日公开十项改革试点的方案,大力推进国企改革。而似乎作为呼应的是,两大旅游行业的央企――中国国旅集团和港中旅集团也于23日宣布将重组的消息。   十项改革试点将开展   "进入2016年,改革进入了攻坚期和深水区,国有企业改革在探索推进过程中仍有不少困难、问题需要解决,特别是在加强董事会建设、市场化选聘经营管理者、推进职业经理人制度、改组组建资本投资运营公司等重大问题上,仍有待加快探索,寻求新的突破。"彭华岗表示。   正是在这一背景下,国资委也将于近期开展十项改革试点。   据了解,十项改革试点具体包括落实董事会职权试点,市场化选聘经营管理者试点,推行职业经理人制度试点、企业薪酬分配差异化改革试点,国有资本投资运营公司试点,中央企业兼并重组试点,部分重要领域混合所有制改革试点,混合所有制企业员工持股试点,国有企业信息公开工作试点,剥离企业办社会职能和解决历史遗留问题的试点。   这些试点都是落实去年9月颁布的《关于深化国有企业改革的指导意见》的相关要求,对国企改革的诸多难点领域进行试水。彭华岗指出,国资委希望通过试点方式取得突破和共识,多点开花,以点带面,推进体制机制创新。   记者注意到,这些试点方向都曾在近几年引发过巨大争议,比如混合所有制企业员工持股试点就历经多次反复,但是包括大唐电信在内的央企负责人认为,实施合理的股权激励机制将有效激发员工的主动性。国资研究专家周放生等人亦认为,股权多元化有利于国有资产的监督管理效率。   除了试点工作,彭华岗透露,国资委今年要紧紧围绕提质增效,加大国有企业重组整合力度,优化国有资本结构布局,促进转型升级。同时,将进一步抓好国资监管机构职能转变,以管资本为主加强国有资产监管,不断激发企业活力,增强发展动能,推动国有企业改革不断取得新成效。   到目前为止,国有企业改革已经获得了一些实质性成果。彭华岗透露,国有企业功能的界定分类稳妥起步,17家省级国资委和40户中央企业已经提出了方案。公司制股份制改革成效显著,全国国有企业改制面已达80%;法人治理结构不断完善,2015年中央企业建设规范董事会的企业增加11户,总数达到85户。   而最引人关注的无疑是企业结构调整与重组步伐加快。在过去一年中,中国南车和中国北车、国家核电和中电投集团、南光集团和珠海振戎、中远集团和中国海运、中国五矿和中冶集团、招商局集团和中国外运长航共6组12户中央企业联合重组已完成,中央企业从2014年底的112户调整为2015年底的106户。国资委也深入推动电信资源重组整合,形成以"共享竞合"为核心的铁塔模式。   尽管没有太大张旗鼓地开展混合所有制改革,但不少公司都在积极推进公司制股份制和股权多元化改革,促进国有资本与非国有资本融合发展。而国资委在过去一年中也取消、下放审批事项22项,各省级国资委取消、下放审批事项222项。   首批试点公布经验   事实上,在十项改革试点之前,国资委已于2014年率先做过四项试点工作,对国有企业改革一些重点难点问题进行了探索。其中,国有资本投资公司的试点选定了国投、中粮集团,董事会职权试点则选了中国节能、中国建材、国药集团、新兴际华集团四家央企。   时隔两年,当初的试点单位纷纷交出成果与经验。据悉,国投、中粮集团开展了业务结构优化、总部机构调整、管控模式重塑、资本专业运作等改革工作,取得了积极进展。上海、重庆等地已研究提出改组、组建国有资本投资、运营公司方案,并在操作过程中取得实质性进展。   而在落实企业董事会职权试点工作上,国资委亦进一步深化改革内涵,向中国节能、中国建材、国药集团、新兴际华集团董事会授予中长期发展战略规划、高级管理人员选聘、业绩考核、薪酬管理、工资总额备案制管理和重大财务事项管理等6项职权,新兴际华集团董事会甚至选聘了总经理。   "试点要以问题为导向,以形成市场化发展运行机制为核心。通过试点,探索回答国有资本投资公司的功能定位、体制机制和运营模式等重大问题。"国家开发投资公司董事长王会生表示,国有资本投资公司要干国家需要的事,始终坚持实业为主、产融结合,将主要业务布局于国家需要发展的基础产业。   王会生进一步指出,随着我国经济进入新常态,国投的传统业务遇到了"天花板"。因此,在试点改革中,公司主动适应经济发展新常态,重新梳理、优化公司业务结构,努力通过产业整合、收购兼并、资本运作等方式,推进传统产业转型升级,加快培育发展新业务,推动国有资本向重要行业和关键领域、重点基础设施集中,向前瞻性战略性产业集中。   按照国投的计划,到2020年将形成基础产业、前瞻性战略性产业、金融及服务业、国际业务四大战略业务单元。   王会生还表示,改革试点就是要突破传统的发展模式、管理模式,建立适应市场、激发活力、管理有效、监督到位的体制机制,"授权最为关键"。   "国投正在进行内部授权试点改革。不仅清晰界定总部与子公司的职责界限,除董事长、党委书记、纪委书记和股权董事外,其他授权董事会选聘。另外,除必须保留的股东权利、有外部监管要求的事项,其它事项放权或授权子公司自主决策。"王会生透露,2015年,国投选定国投电力进行试点,通过授权改革,将70个事项授权国投电力自主决策。"今年,我们在总结完善试点经验的基础上,将增加试点企业数量,扩大授权范围。" 第2页 :“十项改革试点”推行在即 三角度掘金国企改革主题个股   "十项改革试点"推行在即 三角度掘金国企改革主题个股   国资委相关人士证实,2月25日公开十项改革试点的方案,大力推进国企改革。受此消息刺激,国企改革概念股昨日集体爆发,上海电力、中成股份、新兴铸管、华电能源、际华集团等多只概念股强势涨停,成为市场中的一大亮点。本文特从市场表现、资金流向、操作策略等三角度对国企改革概念股进行仔细梳理,挖掘相关龙头股的投资价值,以飨读者。   5只个股集体涨停   在近日召开的国企国资改革研讨会上,国务院国资委副秘书长彭华岗表示,以《关于深化国有企业改革的指导意见》为引领、以若干文件为配套的"1+N"文件体系已基本形成。2016年国企改革要坚持试点先行,围绕重点难点问题开展"十项改革试点"。   受消息面激励,央企改革主题概念股在昨日全面爆发,板块整体涨幅超过5%,成为当日市场最大的亮点。据媒体市场研究中心统计显示,在央企改革第一批试点六大集团旗下21只A股中,除国药系4只个股停牌外,其余个股昨日均实现上涨,其中新兴铸管、国投新集、中成股份、际华集团、瑞泰科技5只个股实现涨停,中粮屯河(6.67%)、国投电力(5.56%)、中粮生化(5.29%)、北新建材(5.04%)、启源装备(4.90%)、中粮地产(4.76%)等个股昨日也有不错表现,累计涨幅均超过4%。   而从今年以来市场表现来看,截至昨日收盘,洛阳玻璃累计涨幅达到10.06%,是板块内惟一实现上涨的个股。而国投安信、国药股份、方兴科技、启源装备等个股年后累计跌幅仍超过20%,具备较大修复空间。   逾13亿元追捧11只个股   央企改革板块的强势表现,吸引了两市诸多主力资金的关注。   据媒体市场研究中心数据显示,昨日央企改革板块中,共有11只概念股实现大单资金净流入,合计大单资金净流入13.17亿元。其中,新兴铸管、国投新集、瑞泰科技、中粮屯河4只个股昨日大单资金净流入均超过亿元,分别为47322.35万元、29329.43万元、17250.62万元、16695.91万元,中成股份(6650.19万元)、中粮地产(5415.43万元)、国投安信(3093.74万元)、中国巨石(2335.26万元)、中粮生化(2305.29万元)等5只个股当日大单资金净流入均超过2000万元,其余2只昨日实现大单资金净流入的个股分别为启源装备以及方兴科技。   昨日资金净流入居首的新兴铸管,是世界铸管行业领先者,拥有独立知识产权的离心球墨铸铁管工艺技术及设备。离心球墨铸铁管具有韧性好、强度高、耐腐蚀、施工方便等优点,因而作为传统灰铁管的升级换代产品,被广泛用于市政工程中供水供气、排水排污等领域。截至去年三季度末,控股股东新兴际华集团持有公司165315.29万股,占总股本45.38%。   对于该股,长江证券表示,公司通过多元化谋求转型意图强烈,不排除未来形成以传统业务为立足点,能源、节能环保、类金融等多领域蓬勃发展的业务格局,而在国企改革的背景下,此进程也将进一步加速。   两角度布局概念股   面对央企改革板块的集体大幅异动,投资者又应如何把握板块的投资机会呢?   对此,分析人士表示,昨日概念股的集体异动,有望推动央改板块重上A股市场风口,短期投资主要关注两角度:1。板块中领涨龙头股有望持续有所表现,值得积极跟踪;2。投资者可积极逢低关注板块内尚未出现明显反弹的标的,这类个股具备较高的安全边际,同时也拥有较大的估值修复空间。   媒体记者通过观察发现,昨日国投系的中成股份成为板块内首个涨停个股,有望成为板块领涨龙头;此外,新兴际华集团旗下的际华集团、新兴铸管双双涨停,也颇受市场关注。基本面上,中成股份许可经营项目为对外派遣实施境外工程所需的劳务人员。一般经营项目为进出口业务、承担我国对外经济技术援助项目和对外提供一般物资援助项目、承包各类境外工程和境内外资工程等。截至去年三季度末,公司第一大股东是中国成套设备进出口(集团)总公司,为国投集团全资子公司。   此外,据统计显示,国投安信暂为板块内年内累计跌幅最大的个股,年内累计跌幅为27.46%,该股昨日上涨3.92%,最新收盘价为18.81元。基本面上,2015年公司通过定增收购安信证券100%股权,主营业务转型为证券服务业。安信证券总部设于深圳,在北京、上海、广州、汕头、佛山、江苏等城市均设立分公司,在25个省级行政区设有176家证券营业部,并全资拥有安信期货、安信国际、安信乾宏等子公司,构建起综合金融理财服务平台。相关的主题文章:

China Economic Bulletin a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan more than one project in Tianji 哈尔滨理工大学南区

China Economic Bulletin: a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan more than one project in Tianjin Binhai New Area – Sohu securities Beijing Xinhua News Agency on 15 February,   China economic newsletter a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan more than one project in Tianjin Binhai New Area of Tianjin Binhai New Area responsible person 14 introduction, Aigo digital robot, grand ship manufacturing research and development of 20 core technology a centralized project recently settled in Tianjin Binhai New area. These projects involve auto parts manufacturing, financing lease, commercial factoring, bio pharmaceutical and other related companies stock market trends, the total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan. South Korea became the largest foreign capital source of Shaanxi for the first time, and the data of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce showed that in 2015, 25 enterprises invested in Shaanxi Province completed the contracted foreign capital of 3 billion 415 million US dollars, and Korea became the largest source of foreign capital in Shaanxi for the first time. Shaanxi’s trade with South Korea has also increased rapidly. Xi’an customs figures show that Shaanxi’s trade with South Korea increased by 39.2% over the previous year in 2015. Harbin Electric Power Group and Saudi Arabia enterprises to develop electricity market in Asia and Africa, 14 reporters learned from the Harbin Electric Power Group, its joint with Saudi Arabia International Power and water group investment in the Middle East’s first coal-fired power plant is closely under construction. This is the first time that Chinese companies have entered the Middle East power market with investment, financing and general contracting mode, and the two enterprises will accelerate the development of the sub market and non market. Chongqing SASAC clear "zombie" enterprises this year intends to withdraw from the 200 households to adjust and optimize the layout of state-owned assets, Chongqing city will take decisive measures in state-owned enterprises in the field, the disposal of "zombie" shell companies and enterprises, inefficient assets, and strive to 2016 clean exit 200, 2017 basically completed a clean exit and disposal. Xinhua News Agency 中国经济简讯:总投资近200亿元多个项目落户天津滨海新区-搜狐证券   新华社北京2月15日电   中国经济简讯总投资近200亿元多个项目落户天津滨海新区  天津滨海新区相关负责人14日介绍,爱国者数码机器人、宏大船舶核心技术制造研发等20个项目近日集中落户滨海新区。这些项目涉及汽车零部件制造、融资租赁、商业保理、生物制药等 相关公司股票走势 领域,项目总投资近200亿元。  韩国首次成陕西第一大外资来源地  陕西省商务厅数据显示,2015年韩国在陕投资的25家企业,完成合同外资34.15亿美元,韩国首次成为陕西外资第一大来源地。陕西对韩贸易也快速增长。西安海关的数字显示,2015年陕西对韩贸易总值较上年增长39.2%。  哈电集团联合沙特企业开发亚非电力市场  记者14日从哈电集团获悉,其与沙特国际电力和水务集团共同投资的中东首座燃煤电厂正在紧密筹建当中。这是中国中资公司首次以投融资和总承包模式进入中东电力市场,两家企业将加快对亚、非市场的开发。  重庆清理国资“僵尸”企业 今年拟退出200户  为调整优化国资布局,重庆市将在国企领域采取果断措施,清理处置“僵尸”企业、空壳公司和低效无效资产,力争2016年清理退出200户,2017年基本完成相关清理退出和处置工作。来源新华社)相关的主题文章: