Campus loan students to do a part-time job was forced to hire tens of thousands of dollars cheated lata-01

Campus loan: students to do a part-time job was forced to brush a number of tens of thousands of people were forced to repay the loan campus loan is one of the most rapid development of Internet banking in recent years, one of the products. As long as you are a student, online submission of information, through the audit, to pay a certain fee, you can easily apply for credit. In recent years, the development of the "campus loan" in some colleges and universities in Jilin Changchun, but some students like a raging fire, CCTV reporter to reflect, some people use the "campus design loan scam, resulting in many students cheated. In March this year, is the school of animation, Jilin, Li started to do the idea of part-time, the students gave him a single brush to do a part-time job, and claimed not to take any risks. In the introduction of the students, Li met brush single business boss Shen Jiyang. Li was told that the so-called scalping, is to use the identity of students to buy mobile phone network platform to buy a mobile phone, to help the platform brush business volume. The same day, Li signed a labor contract, the contract agreed to brush a single payment is 100 yuan, a knot of three months. After signing the contract, Mike was Shen Jiyang and net loan platform salesman to a mobile phone shop. Mike: I registered a net loan platform account, and then signed a net loan contract, all zero down payment. When the need to pay the bank debit card to play money. Li said, he provides ID, student ID, parents according to the requirements of mobile phone number, and the scene shot on his handheld ID card and the net loan contract after the photo has passed four network lending platform, installment purchase of 4 apple 6S plus mobile phone, the mobile phone to buy directly to Shen Jiyang. Xiao Li: when asked Shen Jiyang, he said not to worry, because the loan is out of him, we do not have to worry about these things. In order to let Xiao Li believe that Shen quarternary also wrote iou. After two days, Shen also asked Xiao Li to use his identity as a student to apply for cash loans to the network loan platform. This commitment is even more impressive, with 10% of the total loan amount available as a commission. As a result, Xiao Li in two online lending platform loans, money to Shen Jiyang. Coupled with the previous installment of the phone to buy the money, Li even with a total interest of 69 thousand yuan loan, repayment of $5500 per month. Shen Jiyang for the transfer of Li also 3 months loan, but promised to pay Li has not cashed. When Li urged, Shen Jiyang asked him to bring other students out of the brush, or not to give money. Xiao Li: he told me that I brought 5 people, the Commission to me, and give me a person of $one thousand service fee. I told Shen Jiyang that I do, then I say that if not Shen quarternary threatened to do double time. Despite being intimidated, Xiao Li refused to take the person to do a single brush. Since then, Shen Jiyang broke off for him owing on the loan, the phone does not pick up, people disappeared. Then, is the network lending platform’s collection of phone calls and text messages. Xiao Li: if you do not repay the platform, waiting for the court to prosecute. And then sent me a threatening message, saying that my account has been in the court to sue me.相关的主题文章: