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Brand high-end? There is a lot of knowledge behind – Sohu car on the evening of November 5th, a new generation of Buick GL8 officially listed, at the same time, Buick Avenir high terminal brands of the world’s first models are also officially fall GL8. Recently, high-end brand car enterprises of their own development seems to have become a trend, whether it is a joint venture brand or brands, high-end market began landing landing. So how to achieve the high end of the brand, is it just a slogan of car prices, improve the allocation of several models so simple? Of course, the answer is negative, the high-end brand of the road, behind the great knowledge. With the recent listing of Volkswagen Hui ang, SAIC GM and Buick new GL8 as an example, the launch of these two models can be seen as a brand of high-end car prices in the road and a landmark event. But the two are different, the public is more determined to enter the high-end market a high-end models, while Buick is targeting the two Car Buying outbreak of the opportunity, launched a new generation of GL8 to develop high-end home user market, and issued a high terminal brand Avenir and its models, open the Buick in the high-end users of private market new journey. High end brand breaking the new field of how to understand Buick’s high terminal brand Avenir? In my opinion, Buick’s layout is more similar to Mercedes Benz Maybach and AMG dual brand strategy. On the basis of ordinary models, extending the ultimate version of the sport and luxury ultimate edition. Although the previous Buick GS and other models have not been recognized as similar to the public R sports car, but in fact has been formed in the minds of users of high-end sports car impression. The release of the Avenir is to fill the direction of Buick luxury car direction, help Buick to develop new market areas. But Buick’s Avenir is not the same as in the TOYOTA Lexus, Nissan Infiniti, there are two independent brands under the same group, while the Buick Avenir is a high terminal brand under the Buick brand. In any case, the launch of the new Avenir, is indeed able to help Buick brand one step ahead of the layout of the high-end market. In the context of today’s automobile consumption upgrade, Buick Avenir sub brand can be understood as a personalized, boutique special customization. Here, there are two aspects of meaning, one is the product customization, a service customization. Each Avenir owners will enjoy the true sense of the private custom service experience, including private car steward, private reception room dealer showrooms, as well as convenient on-site service. At the same time each Avenir owners will enjoy 6 years of vehicle life cycle of 120 thousand private car care program. Sales is a strong support for high-end brand according to the relevant data show that the first three quarters of this year, the Buick brand in China before the three quarter’s car total sales of 870104 units, not only hit a record high over the same period, an increase of 26.89%, far exceeding the industry average growth rate. It is interesting to note that if the previous three quarters of Buick’s sales structure in China, we found and modern, TOYOTA, Volkswagen and other.相关的主题文章: