Boyfriend to let the shop to send flowers plaque deposits are women’s 60 thousand new network – dry

"Boyfriend" to let women send flowers plaque 60 thousand deposit is the new network in Northeast news network August 26th – out of a woman in Daqing city shop, know a lover in playing games online, thought that found a home, but do not have to think the other is a liar. More than and 10 days, Swain said to the shop, let her help to buy flowers and plaque up the scene. This flower and plaque is really expensive, it is 60 thousand yuan a. The stranger in the game in August 3rd, the public Feng Juan (a pseudonym) in the play QQ games, people greeted her: "what?" Feng Juan said: "the game!" the other said: "you give me your phone number, and contact you at night." Feng Juan gave him the phone number. Around 9 in the evening, Feng Juan cell phone rang, is a self called "Li Qiang," the man called, said in the game during the day to talk to her, "said" he is Shenzhen. Li Qiang simply asked Feng Juan about his personal situation, and Feng Juan told him he was single, and "Li Qiang" said he was single. Two people chatted for about more than and 10 minutes. From then on, every night around 10, Li Qiang called Feng Juan. Li Qiang said he was very hard to do business, it is not easy, which won the sympathy of Feng Juan. "Li Qiang" said he is a household appliance business, economic condition is good, he want to find a wife said the northeast, the Northeast woman atmosphere, and said to Feng Juan and the virgin female friends, so the time is ripe, went to Daqing to meet her. In this regard, Feng Juan tacit approval. "Parents" after a phone call at noon on August 15th, Li Qiang to call Feng Juan said: "my father is sick, I want to go to Hongkong to see him, do not call you at night." And then hung up the phone. 9 pm, Li Qiang gave Feng Juan call, said he returned to Hongkong from Shenzhen, his father’s disease is not what problem, and said: "I told my dad had a girlfriend, dad is very happy." Subsequently, Li Qiang said: "I have opened a new home city, tomorrow I will go to Daqing after the opening, you see, we have to do the wedding in Daqing, go back to Shenzhen to do a banquet." Li Qiang said his dad wanted to talk to Feng Juan and ask Feng Juan to call his father. Feng Juan dial "Li Qiang" to provide a number, the other party to let the "good" and "Li Qiang", and said that the daughter of the northeast is very welcome to enter the door. The other words make Feng Juan feel at ease. The morning of August 16th, Li Qiang phoned Feng Juan, said the opening of his home city, let Feng Juan flowers up the scene, and gave her a phone number beginning with 0755, that is to call the florist shop. After the phone call, florist boss gave her two bank card number, let her remit money. After that, "Li Qiang" and "Florist" to call her, said flowers set wrong, still send plaque, asked Feng Juan to send money. Feng Juan hesitated, Li Qiang said it was to support the scene, after all the money will be remitted to her, this is the only way to agree to the, the other turned to $60 thousand. In August 17th, the florist boss called Feng Juan and said she was a bad one相关的主题文章: