Boshi joined the popular password card car oil

Boshi joined the popular password card car oil car oil join – wave shika oil center joined the depth of stripping solution and pioneering new opportunities! "Fuel-efficient zero wear" oil hot lead two months Kuangxiao 200 thousand barrel professional car oil store cited hot investment into the 4S store terminator! First recently, a "fuel-efficient zero wear" oil – [wave shika wall] maglev lubricating oil in the owner sparked concern and extensive discussion in the heat, no ads, no endorsements, no marketing, media propaganda uncommon circumstances, but in WeChat, the circle of friends, the network crazy spread quickly, fermentation, repeatedly topped the major automobile forum topic ranking. You are shocked! No oil can run?! The story begins with a "crash test" in the auto industry". Originally, in some time ago, Boshi card company invited 30 industry experts and fancier car arrived at the scene, and live the experiment through live video: add Boshi card maglev lubricating oil, then let go, the test car can run far in the case of no oil. The results show that after running 300 kilometers to check the car, the tank water temperature and so on all normal, the engine also no signs of wear. The scene of the experts and the riders are shocked: "zero wear" unexpectedly to such an extent of dry grinding of 300 kilometers, the engine can unscathed! Then, the video quickly uploaded to the Internet forum, causing the riders Crazy Hits, and forwarded to the WeChat group, circle of friends, for a time, people are talking about the oil reached the boiling point. A question and follow the story of the owners of the various voices, "powerful", "worth a try", "good" and so on praise and cheers of the upper hand, but there are some voices questioned. Mr Wang is one of the doubters. He is Guangzhou Tianhe a company executive, has ten years of driving experience, is calm and rational, believe in "everything can not see the surface". He is not "cold" on this video, "but that is the manufacturer of gimmicks", therefore, he is also doing a "mouse" with their car, with riders on gambling: Singapore official card and record the performance of engine oil, and fuel consumption, and comparing performance with the usual car, if not work he will win. This record, he was surprised to find that the car starts when the noise becomes small, the morning will not be a fire, and the air conditioning will not lack of power and so on. What makes him dumbfounded: one month down, he opened more than 3 thousand kilometers, the province actually more than and 300 block oil fee. Yuandufushu, he quickly "road turn powder", and actively recommend to friends with Boshi oil card. It is never thought that, shortly after he had quit his job and started a wave of official card professional oil business shop, when the boss. A barrel of oil, how much wealth imagination? The great word of mouth word of mouth, the wave shika products rapidly popular in China market, attracted the brightest investors continue to write a new stampede in, the story of wealth. Chen Yiyong of Wenzhou, clothing retail predators, there are more than and 20 brand clothing stores in Guangzhou, Guangxi, Shenzhen and other business (including Paul, old man, etc) in one fell swoop and wave shika reached a cooperation store,.相关的主题文章: