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Born 130 years ago, the world’s first car long? Sohu – tourism has already become a graphic Li Hongyu an indispensable partner in people’s life now, a national automobile manufacturing level, can roughly represent the industrial level, any economy in the world, is the inevitable result of automobile manufacturing country. 130 years ago, the world’s first car was born, by the German engineer Carle Benz design and manufacture, this car "shabby" three cars, is recognized as the first car in the world, it has epoch-making significance. No matter what great changes have taken place in the past more than and 100 years since the birth of the car, its origin is here. Carle Benz says Carle Benz, may many people is still relatively unfamiliar, but when it comes to Mercedes Benz cars in China can be said to be known to every family now, Benz Corp is Carle Benz created in Mannheim in 1883. Carle Benz is known as the "father of automobiles" but at the same time dare to innovate is not only a Carle benz. Gottlieb Daimler. In 1885, a German engineer named Gottlieb and his partner Maybach Daimler, invented the first high speed gasoline internal combustion engine in the world. One day in 1885, the Daimler engine installed in the wooden wheels, thus invented the world’s first motorcycle. One day in 1886, Daimler installed the engine in a four wheeler, thus creating the world’s first round of four cars. Coincidentally, Daimler and Maybach two people set up their own engine company in 1890. Carle, in the era when the automobile was invented, has produced a number of heroes who have had a profound influence on the future, and Daimler’s partner, Maybach, is one of them, "said Mr. Maybach in his own name to create a car brand Maybach, is a luxury car fighter, along with Rolls-Royce and Bentley. But the Maybach brand several twists and turns, stop, 2014, Benz resurrected Maybach brand, sub brand form similar to the AMG, launched the Mercedes Maybach S600, immediately become the representative of the top luxury car models. Who is the father of the car? In 1890, Daimler and Maybach set up Daimler in Stuttgart, and in 1894, Benz Corp began to produce a code named "VELO" car, is the world’s first production car. So the question is, who invented the world’s first car, who is the real father of the car? Historically, this is a very controversial issue, the two sides who can not convince each other. But from 1926 onwards, this topic is not so worthy of debate, because on this day, Benz Corp and Daimler company merged, then leads to the birth of world famous brand "Mercedes Benz". Travel to Germany benz museum dedicated to the Benz Museum walk for a long time, to be honest,.相关的主题文章: