Bomb Island 2 the new version of love and justice formally launched today ssport

"Piano Island 2" edition "righteous" today officially launched the righteous, worthy of life. Meng Meng Da Liao Mei Mobile Games ejection "bouncing Island 2" today (November 23rd) officially launched a new version of "the righteous". In the new version, game player can not only meet the expectations for a long time, with friends sworn, tease sister gay two not mistake; while on-line pet reincarnation, skill adjustment, let the game player in the world of competitive ejection is more intense, enjoy the wonderful time counter. In addition, November 24th is known as Thanksgiving day. The new version of the line coincides with thanksgiving, "bouncing Island 2" launched a series of Thanksgiving, not only featured Games launched exclusive fashion, wings and so on Thanksgiving gift, let all the game player can feel thick festive surprise.     yijiejinlan for bomb bomb "Island Island" in the relationship between the 2 game player is very rich, can become friends, you can get married, can become a master, can become a member of the association…… In the new version of the line, a close relationship with "blood" can be game player. As long as the intimacy between friends is to reach more than 500, can be sworn. Moreover, most game player can be sworn with 3 friends, fully meet the relationship with several friends further desire. In the sworn, but both sides will have a special mark, so that the whole service have seen their yijiejinlan glory). Orange pet fighting super Madden stimulus in the "bouncing Island 2" in fighting, pet is essential fighting partner, it can not only provide powerful bonuses for the game player, more unique skills to fight full of surprises. In the green, blue and purple three pet product order, the new version launched "light system — PET reincarnate" let the game player can have more powerful orange quality pet. As long as the purple pet level reached 42, and the +4 class above, can through the consumption of certain resources, the reincarnation of orange pet. Compared with before the orange purple reincarnation pet, pet’s level will be reduced, but the strength but will be beyond imagination soar oh.   adjust the skill fight more rich and colorful, frozen silence, rebound shield, known as the arena three God skill level. They bring the player instantly turn the power of the situation, but also to a certain extent, hinder the players feel more diverse combinations of skills brought about by the fun of sports. In this regard, the bomb Island 2 in the new version of the freeze, silence, rebound shield effect of the three skills weakened, so that players can give full play to their wisdom, to create more skills genre. Moreover, the bomb Island 2 will also be strengthened in the future for other skills, will definitely bring the player’s game is full of exciting strategy.   Thanksgiving activities should not be missed with rich festive atmosphere of Thanksgiving, the "bouncing Island 2" version of the line launched the Thanksgiving special activities, we are familiar with the turntable sweepstakes, limited time discount, the cumulative recharge and consumption feedback all return to more surprise activities, Thanksgiving Day series of fashion, wings and other powerful equipment, will definitely make this winter is warm.   excitement;相关的主题文章: