Biography Nikon global losses exacerbated or triggered SONY acquisition gamelink

Nikon global losses or lead to its acquisition of SONY Kenneth Sporsheim is a photographer from Norway, which is Nikon’s brand ambassador, has joined the Pentax’s. Now that have escaped the old club "claws", Kenneth Sporsheim natural inevitably will bring some internal dirt. Recently, he published in the Pentax forum news release, Nikon is currently almost all camera brands in the "blood" of the most serious company, they have eliminated a large number of employees in many countries around the world. At least in Norway, the number of Nikon employees has dropped from 13 to just over 3 people, and turned off the office instead of working at home. At the same time, according to the obtained from the camera internal news, SONY is the Nikon camera department to look at fiercely as a tiger does, like a hungry sharks smell blood smell. However, SONY on this matter in the end how much Kenneth Sporsheim, but did not disclose, just added that SONY is considering this possibility. Since the birth of D800 series, we see the combination of SONY and Nikon actually broke out much power, if the acquisition can really become a reality in the future, the birth of maybe we will have the chance to witness a new digital image of the giant.相关的主题文章: