Big business futures market has a better service to the iron and steel industry and the advantages o

Big business: the futures market has a better service to the iron and steel industry and the foundation of the advantages of sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! September 22nd, by the China Iron and Steel Industry Association and the China International Trade Promotion Committee Metallurgical Industry Co sponsored the "sixteenth China International Symposium on steel raw materials" held in Dalian. Dalian commodity exchange (hereinafter referred to as the "big business") party secretary, chairman Li Zhengqiang said in his speech, the DCE has initially established a comprehensive system of commodity futures, including coal mine, commodity futures have the basis and advantages of better services such as iron and steel industry. In the face of a rare opportunity for the development of the futures market to deepen the reform of the global economic recovery and economic Chinese, DCE will always adhere to the starting from the service of the real economy, and the market parties to jointly promote the futures market to better serve the real economy and international trade. General Assembly speech, Li Zhengqiang first introduced the development of big business, especially the black series futures varieties. He said, over the years, big business always adhere to the fundamental purpose of the service of the real economy, has listed the 16 futures varieties including coke, coking coal and iron ore, initially established a comprehensive system of commodity futures, and perfect risk control system and diversified market service system, with the foundation and the advantage of better services such as iron and steel industry: one is to establish a set of effective, suitable for the characteristics of China market risk prevention and mitigation mechanism, successfully withstood the global financial crisis in 2008 and the subsequent financial market volatility and a series of tests, to maintain safe and stable operation for many years, providing technical support for the iron and steel industry and other services enterprise. Two is to improve the quality of the market scale and operation for the steel industry and other enterprises to use the futures market to create conditions for the management of risk. In 2016, the annual business daily positions 6 million hands, unilateral nearly accounted for more than 45% of the domestic futures market, showing that the market thickness is relatively deep; trading positions ratio is 1.15, the market liquidity remained at a relatively reasonable level. Especially the development of black series varieties rapidly, with iron ore futures as an example, since 2013 listed clients involved in the transaction has reached a total of 400 thousand households, 2016 1 to August iron ore futures trading volume of 264 million hand, the average daily amount of 880 thousand hand positions, has become a big business of the second major trading varieties. The three is to play a more fully market functions, and steel and other entities related to the growing degree of enterprise. Correlation between the spot price of DCE black series varieties were more than 0.9, has become an important reference to the relevant enterprises, trade basis pricing, stock index and derivatives trading, and form an effective linkage with the steel and other downstream futures. To iron ore, for example, since the listing, the number of business customers involved in the iron ore futures trading company about 8900, including 83 steel mills, traders and 10 domestic mining enterprises. A sample survey shows that there are currently 85% of domestic traders and steel companies are referring to the futures price of iron ore futures相关的主题文章: