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Beijing West Railway Station fire Supervisor: 24 hours on the most afraid of passengers – secretly smoke Beijing national small holiday near the end, but for the Beijing West Railway Station fire supervision department supervisor Yan Liang and his colleagues, taut nerves do not relax. In order to ensure the safety of travel, the West Railway Station passengers during the festival to prevent fire, they were busy shuttling in the home, go past the crowd to play, vigilant. Mini fire patrol uninterrupted Yan Liang is a supervisor of fire supervision at the Beijing West Railway Station, during the National Day holiday, he did not like most people visiting relatives and friends, travel travel. But when walking in the past passengers when compared to the west railway station and streams of people busily coming and going his face more intense and serious. "Our work here is very special, the focus is not on how to deal with the fire hidden trouble, but rather how to prevent. In the event of a problem, it may be a major fire accident, the consequences will be very serious. So we have to do is do not let the fire occurred." Yan Liang’s daily work content is basically similar to the regular inspection of the integrated control room in the hall, with the associated with the spray, smoke and other fire facilities, to ensure that there are several". Comprehensive investigation of various fire hazard points, especially during the national day passenger flow, staff concentration, intensive places, to focus on the investigation of several times, compared to the usual more frequent. In the process of inspection and Yan Liang, the reporter also noted that the Beijing West Railway Station underground station hall red battery tiny two volume patrol car (see photo), the front can only take two guard members, rear passengers put fire extinguishers and brochure 6 stacks of. The patrol car seems unlikely, but can travel back and forth in the crowded hall station. 38 key units of supervision and spot checks are also one of the key priorities of fire supervisors. Yan Liang told reporters that within the scope of the Beijing West Railway Station has 38 key oversight units. "They are known as the" key "is the event of fire, it may cause serious casualties and property losses. Therefore, these units fire facilities and fire rating requirements are relatively high. In case, in addition to receiving a report from the masses, we will do a surprise inspection of these units." 20 guard members take turns on duty patrol, in addition to the fire hazard investigation may occur, Yan bright and colleagues have been trying to remind passengers to pay attention to their own behavior, in the display hall playing videos, posters, brochures issued. "Do not harm the safety of public places because of the personal civilization and paralysis". Next to the trash bucket is most afraid of passengers smoking in the Beijing West Railway Station lobby, the reporter also found that each trash next to a simple fire bucket, which contains half a bucket of water. Yan Liang said, do not look at this simple device, the role can be small." It turned out that the Beijing West Railway Station is not the difficulty of the fire area of the various units, businesses, but visitors coming and going. Yan bright memories, in recent years the station almost no fire accident happened, but because cigarette smoke caused no snuff but many. Although the photo相关的主题文章: