Beijing – VIDEO – Fujian Quanzhou storm caused more severe waterlogging emergency transfer rescued h

Beijing – VIDEO – Fujian Quanzhou storm caused more severe waterlogging caused by heavy rains were rescued hundreds of people evacuated Fujian Quanzhou more severe waterlogging emergency transfer rescued hundreds of people [comment] by the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" residual clouds, September 29th, Fujian city of Quanzhou province around the heavy rain, leading to more serious waterlogging the constant danger. [interpretation] around 8:30 the same day, the village of Nanan city water station near the water is serious, which is about 1.4 meters deep water, and the water level is still rising, many residents affected severely in the home. Rescue personnel arrived at the scene, to search, to persuade residents to move, and the elderly and children evacuated, then hit, may be dangerous houses to persuade residents evacuated. After more than 1 hours of rescue, rescue workers in the affected areas of the 25 villagers evacuated to a higher level of villagers in the home. [comment] is also the head in Nanan, on the morning of 10, Shuitou Town Hongxing property underground garage water seriously, building water has inundated the adult waist, and the garage inside the water depth is 1.5 meters high, more households are trapped, in urgent need of rescue. [interpretation] rescue workers wearing a life jacket, a good safety rope, groping in the water into the garage, and the first one out of two children. Subsequently, along the safety rope will be transferred out of 4 adults. After more than an hour of rescue, 6 people were safely transferred out of the garage. [comment] reporter learned from Quanzhou city fire brigade, September 29th morning 6 a.m. to 12 noon, Quanzhou city fire brigade dispatched a typhoon emergency rescue 26, dispatched 30 trips, boat 4, rescue officers 156 passengers, 33 people, 125 people evacuated people trapped. Wu Shengwei Su Weiqing she wanted to Fujian Luo Bing Quanzhou reported相关的主题文章: