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Beijing Tianjin Hebei travel card to launch the   more than and 40 new high quality Scenic Area – Beijing Channel – original title: Tianjin tourism card began selling the newspaper news (Beijing News Group reporter Fan Yijing) 2017 Beijing Tianjin Hebei famous cultural leisure tourism card on sale yesterday. The year card is the China Association for the promotion of old age Tourism Industry Promotion Committee launched the annual tourism card products, the public can purchase a number of parks in the city and the District Tourism Advisory center. Red sandalwood Museum, Shidu, yunjusi, holy spring mountain scenic area…… 2017 Beijing, Tianjin and tourism card added more than and 40 new scenic spots, the number increased from the year 2016 to 150, of which the 93 scenic spots are certified by the national A-5A class. These 150 scenic spots can enjoy unlimited annual free tour of up to more than and 140. The issue of a total of 4 types of cards. The first card is 60 yuan music for 60 elderly people over the age of second for the shared version, retirees 100 yuan preferential version year card, third 130 yuan 8g card, with the recent bareheaded photo 1 can buy, of which more than 60 years old and retired personnel need to rely on my identity certificate and certificate of retirement. The fourth is with the Beijing city park tour tickets jointly issued 203 yuan annual card, including the Summer Palace, Tiantan, City Park Zoo and the water cube, in December 15th by the Beijing city park management center unified sale. The 2017 annual card also launched electronic card, mobile phone WeChat visitors through the scan code attention of Beijing Tianjin and Hebei Tourism card (public No.: bjnianpiao) can be self completed online purchase card, entity card binding, check the area, participate in activities such as. (commissioning editor Chen Yinuo and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章: