Behind the anxiety of primary and secondary school students the burden of intense competition from t-yo te amo

Behind the education of primary and middle school students anxiety: after fierce competition the burden from the class – Beijing turn outside shouting for years "tired, tired, tired," all for students "burden" have been introduced. Class early, less homework, the examination has changed, but the child, parents are still tired, tired, tired". Anxiety, has become the most common word to describe the current mentality of parents. Why are they anxious? Do parents in other countries have the same anxiety? In the fierce competition, may burden? This edition launched a series of reports, analysis of the reasons behind the anxiety and misunderstanding. Parents and children’s burden — negative growth, the burden from the class to class recently, one of the third grade pupils’ mother Guangzhou fire on the Internet a Tucao posts. "Current school education is forcing one of the parents to quit!" The mother is very helpless, in the post mentioned two things. One is that the school organizes the children to go to the ocean hall, and then let everyone draw a "underwater world"". Her daughter spent a whole night painting, did not think second days back home but pursed her lips: "why don’t you help me? A lot of students’ homework is my father and mother to draw, and some students are mom and dad find pictures on the Internet and then print out, are particularly beautiful." One asked to know that these students are posted on the wall of the work, the daughter of the painting was returned. The second one is the beginning of the semester, the teacher asked each student to make a record of holiday life tabloid". The teacher asked the children’s holiday activities made of PPT, divided into several series. The third grade children can not be completed, in desperation, as a rookie PPT she spent an afternoon time to 3 PPT. The second day her daughter told her that she did PPT together with the other two parents do their homework as an excellent winter vacation homework to the school. Hearing the news, the mother ‘s head’ boom’"! The two thing a contrast, she felt the seriousness of the problem – – this is not the school’s homework is too numerous too difficult, but forcing parents deeply involved and even personally penned. She is very confused, I always feel that the principle of education is to teach children to do an honest, honest people, the process of education is more important than the results." Post issued a lot of resonance. Many parents feel that now the school layout of the cultural classes to reduce the work, but manual, painting, production and other tasks are more up. Many of the tasks it is assigned to them, as it is assigned to the parents, the parents need to devote even for others. Guangzhou Tianhe District Dongpu is a well-known kindergarten a children’s parents said, such as the Lantern Festival, Mid Autumn Festival lights do with color cloth yarn and thread do dumplings work almost every day. Every day at 4 in the afternoon, I will receive the teacher’s task on time, open the day to go to work, do homework in the evening, the law of life." She says, other parents WeChat group kept showing the works made her nervous, so every day at home, no matter how late, she will be the quality and quantity of the child’s work out, for fear of the child second days by the teacher)相关的主题文章: