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Before the incident to surrender = surrender? The rule of Law — original title: before the incident to surrender = surrender? The day before, the Shandong province Qingdao city Licang District Procuratorate, the defendant to show love fraud to be changed, the original judgment of surrender was overthrown, the sentence from the original judgment of four years imprisonment to ten years in prison. The case originated in early 2012, Licang District Prosecutor’s office for the handling of non state cadres of village cadres bribery case. At that time, the suspect was detained Li Mougang, his brother was found to show love, hope that the latter can help his brother for bail. To show love promised, to need money management relationship between the name of two times successively from Lee brother to ask for money totaling 600 thousand yuan. Two weeks later, Lee’s brother got his brother was arrested news. Yu Xianai was asked in Lee’s brother phone, actually lied to his brother for help probation, but need 1 million yuan RBI relations. Lee then went to his brother at home to show their love 200 thousand yuan. Since then, the love will be 800 thousand yuan for personal spending and business investment. March 2013, Lee guilty of non national staff bribery was sentenced to prison in seven years and six months. Found after being cheated, Lee’s brother several times to 800 thousand yuan to show love for being cheated but if no echo, then in May 2014 to report to the public security organ. In June 4th of the same year, the public security organs of the case investigation. After that show love in the family without waiting for Mopai, July 18th, the police in order to solicit engineering grounds, to love and to be explicitly captured, the criminal detention according to law. Two days later, the family will show love to deceive the money and interest totaling RMB 896 thousand yuan returned to the victim. The case was Licang District procuratorate prosecution, in May 27, 2015, was guilty of fraud because the court sentenced to four years imprisonment, fined 100 thousand yuan. According to the court during the hearing part of the testimony of witnesses, that the defendant was in love before the incident was ready to surrender, should be regarded as voluntary surrender, and after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crime, Department of surrender, then made the above decision lighter. Combined with the investigation of public security organs, Licang District procuratorate that the case during the two trial, the defendant for the witness to testify, Liu Wei made "to show love in 2013 2 and March took the initiative to contact and put the money involved is returned to the victim’s testimony," and they are in the public security organs of the testimony of discrepancy, and cannot be identified in explicit love have surrendered behavior; while after the end of the first trial, counsel submitted to the court to show love wife Tanmou about "Yu Xian love to surrender and refund" written testimony, the prosecutor handling the case that the witnesses and the defendant there is interest relationships, and in the investigation stage, the prosecution stage, the first trial period, the per capita defense did not submit testimony, the evidence credibility is not high, should not be adopted or not, To prove to show love has surrendered behavior. According to the provisions of the criminal law, the crime department after the surrender surrendered, truthfully confessed his crime. Licang District procuratorate that the trial court finds that the defendant was in love is surrender, no)相关的主题文章: