Beauty during pregnancy to avoid harm to the fetus – maternal and child Sohu plants war

To avoid injury to the fetus during pregnancy beauty and health care during pregnancy, maternal and child – Sohu a beauty regimen should pay attention to matters 1, pregnant women should stay away from the Hair Coloring agent not suitable for dyeing hair, because Hair Coloring agent will be absorbed by the skin, and the poisonous baby. Generally speaking, hair dyes are safe, but it is best to avoid pregnancy, especially in the first three months. Avoid nail care to avoid acrylic paint painted nails, because it may contain chemicals and cyanoacrylate adhesive, it is harmful. When filing her nails, you can inhale these substances, so be sure to wear masks. Pregnant women’s cosmetics is best to use natural products. Take care of your skin two times a day with a mild cleanser and warm water, which can prevent acne. You can also use vitamin E oil or olive oil to prevent stretch marks, or use lemon juice to relieve it. Two, pregnant women how to make yourself look attractive, wearing a fashion during pregnancy to wear comfortable and fashionable clothes, this can give you extra confidence. Remember to choose some soft cloth, long skirts, trousers, robes are a good choice. Wear suitable shoes, do not wear high heels, but can choose wedge shoes heel slightly. Make sure that the shoes have good grip and can support your feet and will not cause pressure on your back. The use of natural products, whether it is skin care products or cosmetics should choose natural products, such as mineral makeup. Can also use the beet root and pomegranate seed to wipe the lips, let you look a natural lip color. Some women may not want to use too much makeup, so you can use your hair. The hair tied into a stylish appearance, such as French braids, Mawei, Baotou. To maintain a happy mood to maintain a happy mood, to feel very beautiful and blessed, enjoy your pregnancy. Smile, exercise and eating right can help you from the inside to keep the charming and avoid stretch marks another obstacle is that you want to avoid stretch marks, it is usually because your stomach becomes large and. Use essential oils to treat stretch marks and control them to make you look attractive. The use of essential oils essential oils during pregnancy should be subject to clinical trials and are safe. Selection of plant extract and combination containing vitamins, like Calendula, rosemary, lavender etc..相关的主题文章: