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"Beautiful" Weiyang Tang Yan difficult to fight back Luo Jin Vanness Wu calendar to Jinxiu Weiyang _05 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "Jinxiu Weiyang" Tencent entertainment news the day before, "" beautiful costumes giant Weiyang has landed Beijing TV, Dragon TV hit, and shows a strong attraction. The play by Li Weiyang (Tang Yanshi), Tuoba Jun (Luo Jinshi), Tuoba Yu (Vanness Wu) led by the protagonist, with unparalleled success captured the audience show resourcefulness in the face of the crisis of the heart; but with the in-depth story, the characters relationship is more subtle, delicate and emotional progressive let the people character more and more plump fresh. Not only that, it also left a huge whirling suspense, exciting feeling overwhelmed. The series, Shang palace conspiracy calculations in the shadows emerge in an endless stream of brewing fermentation, in which Li Weiyang, like a knife hanging in the head, always dancing with death. On the night of the plot, Lee Weiyang oversight, was Mrs. Lee Chi cloud soft (Tian Lishi) took the opportunity to set up, it suffered a brutal ten torture, not only by the bloody whip, in the dying was "dumped" wilderness. The dramatic, occasional is to kill the assassin Tuoba Jun and was rescued, two people survived in mutual aid, also in a faint alternate good. However, Lee Weiyang guoqiuguhen not reported, Shang palace, toward the hall on the hidden crisis is still ready to, next, Lee Weiyang returned to Lee House, how to step in, in vindication of father besieged on all sides? At the same time, Lee Weiyang finally learned Tuoba Jun’s true identity, will fall into what emotional struggle? In her side, three sister Li Changru (Mao Xiaotong ornaments) totally besotted Tuoba Yu, in the Palace Banquet dance, hoping to obtain public recognition; his younger brother Li Minde in the palace when encounter nine Princess Tuoba di (Chen Yuqi ornaments), then open the quarrelsome lovers love to kill the road; more hidden clues show that Tuoba Jun road is likely to encounter the assassin, and the king of Nanan Tuoba Yu about…… When each person’s true colors gradually surfaced, the current crisis of Li Weiyang exactly how to fight back, becoming the most anticipated audience. Just a few sets within the complex relationship between the characters in unraveling between clearly presented, the story line clear and distinct, nature will ignite the enthusiasm of the audience to chase drama. With distinctive characters constantly appearance, with stalk material plot design and ingenious picture editing interface, "Jinxiu Weiyang" story climax, boutique drama should be the style accentuates. TV drama "beautiful" by the Huace Hatton Weiyang Hatton’s film, Feng Jing, Leroy entertainment media CO produced, directed by renowned director Li Huizhu, and starring Luo Jin, the strength of popular actor Tang Yan, Vanness Wu, Mao Xiaotong, Li Xinai and other Co. At present, the drama is the Oriental two prime time TV hot Xian Ying, and the next day zero in the Tencent video synchronization update. As the annual costume drama, "Jinxiu Weiyang" will continue to high energy plot, constantly bring new surprises to the audience.相关的主题文章: