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Arts-and-Entertainment beats headphones pleased to y that th ar brilliant in all genres They need batteries t work, which means if you’r n a long flight nd thy die, they r useless, not deal breaker but mildly irritating They are pretty chunky whn n and, perhp it’s personal taste, but I felt bit f a prat wearing them utsd beats by dre . Verdict: For u n the home nd n places whre yu’re nt going to disturb thers they r good bet. The sound quality rell great I frt trid the in local .et store nd I was blown wy by the power they produced, but the intial issue I hd w tht thr wan’t a broad variety f music t test beats by dr dre on. I decided t buy them ftr muh thought nd I’m pleased to y that th ar brilliant in all genres. I’d sa th area tht th r weakest i in classical music, but th are tll ver good. I can re.mend ths t anbdy who s lkng for a good pair f general listening headphones. You will b blown aw by th power and clarity of these! These monster headphones ovrll ar very good for Hip Hop fans or any genre wher bass s key. The volume howevr must be dangerously loud t enjoy the AMAZING bass whih literally shakes the ear muffs. With the right EQ settings th sound s vr crisp & clean. beats by dr dre ovrll ar very good for Hip Hop fans Is it worth th money? Well……if u re die hard music fan/audiophile then e but if yu do nt listen to music wth immense passion then save yur money and go fr the SOLO BEATS OR IN EAR TOURS. I hv honestly owned so mny cheap beats by dr dre you wuld think I ws mad. Obviously the hould nl be classed aganst othr over-ear headphones for audiophile/recording/monitoring use. I use mine purely for musical enjoyment, thugh I have bn told the are the headphone of choice in the music industry too – thugh I nnt vouch for this. The dre headphones are well packaged/presented, whh means nothing I know, they ar als well constructed and feel ‘sturdy’, whh means onl a lttle for me. Importantly the sound exceptional… I frt listened t the in th Apple Store n Soho/NY t Kanye West – Stronger; a song and artist I despise. However, th quality f sound simply blew me away nd I spent abut 30-minutes n the shop listening t a variety of tracks. I FOOLISHLY dd not but them fr the $300 the retail for n the US. On returning t the UK and hvng trid thm agn n John Lewis, I decided t purchase frm Apple Store in Kingston, London. Retail w 279 but I explained I had found thm on the web fr 229 the sold to me for 249 and threw n 3-year guarantee. dre headphones Deep Bass, Pleasing treble, nt tinny at all Sound: Deep Bass, Pleasing treble, nt tinny at all. Sounds engulfs you! What good for: Nearly verythng if yu prat DETAIL – I’ve heard things in Fleet foxes, Beatiful South, Foo Fighters tht I cnnt pick ut thrugh other beats headphones . What not good for: Classical – I wuld re.mend Grado for the job here, whre detail in mid-tones, treble regions. .fort: 3-4 hours srints are not un.fortble t all. Battery: Changed aftr ~200 hours listening. Sound cancellation: Not important to m t all, but it sems t cancel out white noise, general background noise well. Sound enclosure: Not great, sounds will b heard b the arund u wth iPod volume >60%. Carry Case: Sturdy and well worth taking on travel. Summary: If you can get thse closer to 200 thn 300 d buy them. If ou lk powerful sound thr s no other choice t all cheap beats headphones . I’ve hd Bose (5 pairs), I’ve listened t Sennheiser and even used, ahem, Sony. I sw mst hip-hop producers using thm a veryne ls hs and decided to d sme research. Anyway I ended u getting them a Christmas present, nd honestly th’r unreal. Believe th hype, buse the hype real. They re xatly wht I wanted, vn down t the fact tht thy have built n amps (drivers) in th cups. I wnt back t th shop whr I got them frm nd th sales staff didn’t knw I hd thm and wr saying, "I advise ou againt them," etc… Fact f the matter is, thy sound amazing. Full stop. The price puts som people off, but sk yourself, hw muh does yur music men to you beats headphones . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: