Bear children swimming in Wujiang were washed away after 3 kilometers you rescued him-puritans pride

Bear children swimming in Wujiang were washed away after 3 kilometers you rescued him the newspaper news (reporter Tan Yao) National Day holiday two days before the temperature rose to 30 degrees above, to the public to create a comfortable environment to go out to play. 3 bear children in Wulong to Wujiang in a drop, only one of the boys just water was washed away. After the police, the police and fire fighters rushed to the lower reaches of the river 3 kilometers to save the child up. Alarm a child have been washed away by the river in 2 at 2 pm, Wulong County Public Security Bureau police station and police station south lane and fire fighters rushed to lusted footbridge near Wujiang, because some people say the alarm, a child in Wujiang has been washed away. The police were in and out on the Wujiang bridge, but did not find the little boy. Finally, the police in the vicinity of the gate to see the little boy. See he is still moving, we see the hope, shouted loudly: "do not panic, do not panic, slowly close to the shore, we are to save you……" Rescue miraculously swam to the shore and the little boy with the river down the river to save him, must be in the lower reaches of the river, near to him, bring him back to the shore. In two ways, either ships or swimming, but at the time no time from ships. But if people swim to save, because the water flow, impact, even if the rescue personnel are familiar with the water, rescue difficulty is very large, and very dangerous. At this time, the little boy drifted into a shoal, because the river narrows, the little boy is very close to the shore. We see hope, loudly guide little boy, let him down the water slowly swim towards the shore, drifting down in a distance, the little boy really through their own efforts to swim to the river. On the road drivers, passengers have rushed to help, pull the rope together. Around 2:20 in the afternoon, rescue workers pulled the little boy up. The little boy was bare feel shy, police hurried off uniforms for the little boy’s. After a medical examination, the boy was not injured. Breathtaking drifted 3 km after understanding, 9 year old Chen, who lives near the people’s Square in Wulong. On the afternoon of 1 dated, Chen and two age buddy like hot weather, they offer to Wujiang in a drop. They came to the county people’s Bank of Wujiang under the bridge. Chen said: "I want to go, you go to?" The other two children because there is no Xiajiang swim. Who knows, the river is very shallow water rapids, little Chen Gang is swept away. Chen under 10 years of age in the river bubble more than and 20 minutes, drift 3 kilometers, can swim to the shore, really is a miracle. The police then took Chen back to the police station to understand the situation, determine the right after Chen, let Grandpa home. Police on the three bear child safety education, but also linked to their parents. Because of Chen’s parents were working in Zhejiang, who is responsible for the discipline of his elderly grandfather, so Chen usually slightly naughty.相关的主题文章: