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Home-Improvement Home owners should always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Natural disasters are unpredictable, but the results are pretty well documented. After a major weather event or earthquake, it is likely that people will experience long term power outages. At first glance, this seems like a fairly minor inconvenience, but most of our current needs are powered by electricity in one way or another. Safe drinking water .es through plants that are electrically powered. Even gas run water heaters often use an electric starter. Refrigeration is only possible with a continuous power source. Much of what people are used to using requires electricity to operate. When the lights go out it affects much more than visibility. There are alternate power sources that can be used for running appliances during power outages. Backup generators can be installed to provide limited power use. Generators can be linked directly into the homes electrical system to provide uninterrupted power. There are many options for a generator, both in the power of the unit and fuel source. Natural gas and propane units are more environmentally conscious and more stable, but natural gas may be interrupted along with the electricity. Some energy providers cut all utilities when electricity goes out. In cases of an earthquake, natural gas lines are shut down to prevent leaks. In those instances, you must have fuel stores on hand to run your generators. The amount of fuel you will need to store will be directly related to the size and expected power usage of the Honda generators you install. When a backup power supply is linked into home electrical systems via a transfer switch, it kicks on automatically when the power goes out. This means that it can run for several hours without intervention if the outage occurs at night. When you install Honda generators with a transfer switch, you can determine exactly which outlets to power in case of an outage. The installer can put in several circuits, and only have one or two set to automatically receive power. The rest can be set to off. You can then adjust power usage according to your needs. The fridge will require a minimum of four hours per day to maintain coolness. A sump pump may require constant power to keep basements clear of flooding. Lights and other appliances can usually be left off except during certain scheduled times. This will allow you to minimise your fuel consumption, so that you will continue to have power for the duration of the outage. Forward planning is critical to avoiding the inconvenience of a prolonged power outage. When you choose the generator you will be installing, be sure to get and estimate on the amount of fuel it will take to keep it running twenty four hours at full power. Then stock up on enough fuel to meet that number for a week. Careful consumption should allow you to have minimal power for a month if you store that amount of fuel. At that point, you should either be enjoying restored power or have access to additional fuel supplies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: