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Bank financial products: black list "CCB Qianyuan sharing" bottom – Sohu finance at present, the domestic investment market "asset shortage" phenomenon still continues, low risk and high return investment products are rare. Therefore, although the benefits of financial products is not high, but it is still the first choice for many ordinary investors. Industry financial experts said that with the monetary policy is expected to be further relaxed, bank financial products revenue is still room for decline, investors can buy long-term products, lock higher yields. According to Choice data show that since entering in September, financial products are expected to yield a slight rebound. Last week, a total of 595 newly issued bank financial products, the average expected rate of return from last week (9.5 – 9.11) rose to $3.79%. Although some financial products revenue increase, but due to the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the new product market to issue financial last week compared to the previous two week cut the number of. According to preliminary statistics, a total of 55 banks issued a new product last week, the largest number of banks issued in Nanjing, for the 58. The factory with financial products according to financial data provided by Choice, based on the analysis of investment income, risk and other aspects of liquidity, combing the last week of non structured financial products ranking, and produced a "black list". (source: Choice Sohu tab) financial products list list for the last week. – the Bank of Nanjing may enjoy 1 RMB financial products. The product of the current risk level is low, the expected rate of return of 5%, the Commission for a period of 35 days, for individual investors, the starting point for the purchase of $50 thousand. In this regard, the expected rate of return has been significantly exceeded the average yield of the current financial products, and the lower starting point, liquidity advantage is more obvious. From the past data, the actual yield of financial products issued by the Bank of Nanjing and the expected rate of return is not large, floating income can be guaranteed. But the need to remind investors that the products of the same type of investment since the last three months, the actual income decline, and expected income gap widened every month, when the difference between the screening of different investment products. Second bank of Zhuhai Huarun happy gold No. 10 RMB financial products 949. The expected rate of return of the product is 4.6%, not guaranteed, commissioned a period of 35 days, the starting point for the purchase of $50 thousand. Although the expected return of the product did not reach 5%, but its liquidity and investment starting point is more obvious advantages. Third for the Dongguan bank’s wealth management plan No. 2 yuan financial wealth. The expected rate of return of the product is 4.6%, not guaranteed, commissioned a period of 92 days, the starting point for the purchase of $50 thousand. (source: Choice Sohu tab) black list, the Construction Bank " yuan — share " in 2016 ninety-fourth yuan financial products but not the type of income ranked first. The expected rate of return of the product is 2.8%, the Commission period of 37 days, starting point of $50 thousand. The biggest disadvantage of this product is the low yield, and the same level of return.相关的主题文章: