Bamboo plan to launch a charity study for young

The bamboo forest program launched a charity research program for young scholars. Recently, the second phase of the "bamboo forest program" launched by the China Charity Federation and the Dun foundation was launched. "Bamboo plan" second stage for the charity culture and local charity theory, "charity law" the relevant policies, participate in charity to solve social problems and practice mode of charity multi sectoral cooperation mechanism, charity and other standards in the field of promoting the development of philanthropy of the theory and practice of research funding. All the young scholars under 40 years old, including masters, doctorate, scholars and qualified charity organizations practitioners and media practitioners in universities and research institutions, can apply. Chinese young learners who study or work abroad can also apply for it. The project encourages young learners to declare themselves in the name of their own and carry out independent research. Graduate and doctoral students in school can also apply for funding with related topics as graduation papers. This project will focus on the study of the young learners in the public charity culture, and the proportion of the awards will be over 30%. The deadline for registration is December 15th this year. The organizer will set up an expert review committee to review the application materials, and announce the results in early January 2017, and implement the subsidy, the total amount is 800 thousand yuan, the total number is 60. "Bamboo plan" launched in Beijing in May this year, aims to support young people to carry out academic research on the theory and practice of charity charity, to further improve the research in the field of ecological industry, including research awards, research project scheme, research and publishing scheme, international conference support plan in four parts. The first stage of "Research Award" in September this year a successful ending, mainly for the past three years or so the existing research results and review the Charity Award, received a total of more than 100 copies of the application materials, after a rigorous assessment of the expert review committee, the final 25 Works stand out at the end of September, as part of a charity culture Shenzhen forum, the organizers at the forum for the winners awarded prizes and certificates. Please pay attention to the official website of China Charity Federation “竹林计划”启动 资助青年学人开展慈善研究   近日,由中国慈善联合会与敦和基金会共同开展的中国青年慈善学人“竹林计划”启动第二阶段报名。“竹林计划”第二阶段针对公益慈善文化、本土慈善理论体系、《慈善法》相关政策、慈善事业参与解决社会问题的实践模式、慈善事业的多部门合作机制、慈善事业领域的标准及其它促进慈善事业发展的理论和实践的研究进行资助。全国40岁以下的青年学人包括高等学校、研究机构的在校硕士生、博士生、学者以及符合条件的慈善组织从业者、媒体从业者等均可申请。在海外学习或工作的中国青年学人亦可申请。   本次资助项目鼓励青年学人以个人名义申报,开展独立研究。在校硕士生、博士生以相关课题作为毕业论文的亦可申请资助。本项目将侧重支持青年学人在公益慈善文化方面的研究,奖励名额的比例将占30%以上。   本次报名截止日期为今年12月15日,主办方将组建专家评审委员会对申报材料进行评审,并于2017年1月上旬公布结果并实施资助,资助总额为80万元,人数共60名。   “竹林计划”于今年5月在京启动,旨在支持青年学术人才开展慈善理论与实践研究,进一步完善慈善研究领域的行业生态,包括研究成果奖励计划、研究项目资助计划、研究成果出版资助计划、国际会议支持计划四部分。第一阶段“研究成果奖励计划”已于今年9月圆满收官,主要对过去三年左右已有的慈善研究成果进行评审和奖励,共收到100多份申报材料,经过专家评审委员会的严格评审,最终25篇作品脱颖而出,作为9月底深圳的慈善文化论坛的一个组成部分,主办方在论坛上为获奖者颁发了奖金和证书。   具体申报信息请关注中国慈善联合会官网  相关的主题文章: