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Baidu Sogou not suspected of review obligations are still being pushed to the forefront of the black hospital on 1 September, Xinhua news agency, Shanghai (reporter Zhou Lin) in September 1st to begin implementation of the "Interim Measures for the administration of Internet advertising", will sell goods or services paid search advertising is defined as, "PPC" really put on the inhibition. 1 reporter learned from Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, because pay will not have the qualification of maternal and child health hospital medical advertising top to the forefront of the Shanghai industry and commerce departments suspected illegal advertising behavior of main advertising Shanghai Nanpu gynecology hospital, Anping hospital, and Baidu search, Sogou search advertising suspected of entirely review obligations, will together with the investigation. Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau through pre Paimo, on the morning of 1 found in Baidu, Sogou search engine input words "people" or "abortion", out of promotional advertising, promotion of maternal and child health hospital does not have the technical qualifications. This will be black to the top of the hospital practice, alleged violation of advertising law and the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising. Li Hua, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau of advertising, according to the advertising law, medical advertising management approach and other regulations, the release of medical advertisements should be reviewed by the health administrative department of advertising content. For those who do not qualify for medical institutions, the health sector will not allow it to publish the words containing the flow of advertising content. Therefore, Sogou, Baidu and other search engines, the release of these ads, suspected of entirely review obligations. In the past, whether the ranking belongs to the advertising competition, regulatory authorities around the different views. Even if it is identified as the regulatory authority of advertising, but also often because of jurisdiction, leading to the timely investigation of illegal advertising." Li Hua said that the new rules were clear regulation on the properties of PPC, and expand the scope of the jurisdiction, recognition of advertisers, advertising agents and advertisement publishers three, regulators either located, have jurisdiction over violations. "With the rise of the media, each of us has more points of view. We have also noted that the phenomenon of being commissioned to promote commercial propaganda, such as the circle of friends in WeChat, through the transfer of some business activities to get a discount, or directly through the transfer to get a reward. At this point, the natural person, has the identity of the publisher. If the content of the advertisement is illegal, the natural person also needs to bear some legal responsibility, so the natural person should have the ability to identify the authenticity of this kind of advertising." Shanghai city industry and Commerce Bureau, said Ying Jun, director of advertising. Shanghai industrial and commercial sectors, ranking in paid search advertising, more prone to false and misleading advertising behavior including maintenance, health care, tourism, education and training, study abroad intermediary and other fields, the next phase will focus on these areas, illegal advertising investigate violations of consumer interests according to the law.相关的主题文章: