Badaling Northeast Tiger Park reopened wounding tiger back into the park – Sohu

Badaling Northeast Tiger Park reopened the tiger back to the wounding of the Siberian Tiger Park Park – Sohu news at the entrance of new visitors sign Legal Evening News (reporter Dong Zhenjie news editor Wang Hejian) tiger wounding occurred after the Badaling wildlife zoo in the Siberian Tiger Park has been in a closed state. This morning, the Legal Evening News reporter visited found that the Northeast Tiger Park has been reopened after the transformation. (WeChat Legal Evening News No. ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter noted that the entrance of the Siberian Tiger Park in the original basis of a warning sign on the increase of a written "non off", the park also set up a power grid. In the morning, three people have been injured tiger incident from the cages out in the park activities. In July 23rd this year, the Badaling wild zoo has the woman off by the tiger attacks in the beast area, causing casualties, the park closed closed. August 24th afternoon, the results of the survey released. The next day, the Badaling wildlife park to resume business. In September, after setting up the grid security beast area after the re opening, but the Northeast Tiger Park is still closed.相关的主题文章: