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"Backpack director" this year (the new state cadres? Attention attachment exchanges) – Politics – dimensional code scanning to see more content of the core reading in Shaanxi health city, city and county health system colleagues saw Ma Guolin, he is always carrying a black backpack, inside a computer, a hard disk, a USB, an umbrella, a cup. With this standard, Ma Guolin can always sit down for remote consultation — so he was called "backpack director". From medical experts to administrative cadres, how to complete the role of change? From the capital’s largest hospital to the northwest poor areas, how to work with local cadres? Attachment experience, give yourself and local brought what? One year, the Secretary of the backpack, there are bitter music, more thinking. "So many things, why a sending cadres do?" Vice mayor Sun Kuangling in charge of health health in Shaanxi City, often think of the problem, she saw Ma Guolin remember the scene when the first time he smiled and said: "Hey, my hometown is here and not as poor, what can not adapt to the. To work not to have, not to act, not white to a." Last November, the director of Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital radiology physician Ma Guolin, as the Central Organization Department, the Central Committee, member of the service team, arrived in Qinba Mountain hinterland Ankang City, deputy director of the municipal health and Family Planning Bureau attachment. "The first day of duty, I would say three words: work support, support small dry, do not support." Ma Guolin said really, "sending cadres have expertise in certain areas, but not work together to superhuman powers, or dry, especially cannot do without the selected units and attachment to local leadership support. We are sending a short time, limited resources, less power, to do practical things." To carry out the work, must first solve the "say not early" to health, Ma Guolin spent nearly two months, 10 poor counties traveled the city (District) of the county hospital, Chinese medicine hospital and 19 township hospitals, 5 village community health research room, health care reform, information construction, remote consultation and treatment work, formed a research report of more than 3 words, a detailed analysis of the related problems, and puts forward the corresponding suggestions. "I worked in the primary hospital, I know the difficulties faced by primary hospitals. But I did not expect some grassroots hospitals so difficult – lack of doctors, lack of technology, lack of equipment to such a degree." Ma Guolin said that in order to come up with a true and accurate report, he would repeatedly call to verify the number. The investigation report by the municipal and provincial health seriously, has made the 2016 start Shibaiqianwan talent training plan, since 2016 three years for the town (Office) to form a series of remote consultation center to hospitals targeted recruiting college students, 600. Some jobs are simple, but not easy to implement. For example, class training, began with "conflict". "Please Beijing experts to lecture for free, some doctors said: do not understand, so do not come." Ma Guolin said that in order to change this situation, the city相关的主题文章: