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Baby do not love to eat, too picky? Teach you a trick to get! Most Sohu will occur in the maternal and child years old don’t worry, most of the hemp have such trouble because enhance children’s self-awareness, taste also often change it is almost every table will happen so I often vary, try to figure out the main small taste once found the baby love Korean food. The seafood cake so I went home to learn to do it, and made some improvements to the baby does not eat the food are added to the seafood cake like, baby do not love to eat squid, I put it into pieces, to ensure that the baby pick out but also solve the problem of the baby chew squid are obediently light to eat squid what nutritional value? Squid is not fish, is a soft animal, living in the sea is rich in nutrition and food with high protein and low fat, protein content of fresh squid was 17.4%, fat 1.6%, high nutritional value. But its cholesterol content is relatively high, every 100 grams of squid containing 268 mg of cholesterol, so it is not recommended to eat a lot of regular. Baby first add seafood to pay attention to what? First give the baby to add seafood food supplement must pay attention to whether the baby will be allergic to, for the first time consumption amount can, if there is no allergic manifestations after a little amount. In addition, be sure to buy fresh seafood, and careful cleaning, to prevent the baby to eat to have a bacterial breeding seafood. Seafood cake recipe: squid, shrimp 56g 50g, 30g 40g, green pepper and onion, flour, water melon 40g 150g 200ml (recipe very much, for a family of three stuttering): no seasoning cooking methods: fried reference age above 1 years old: the degree of difficulty: moderate difficulty (a little fried seafood cake note: for difficulty) of food allergy baby. * * 1: practice preparation, shrimp, squid 56g 50g 30g 40g, green pepper and onion, flour, water melon 40g 150g 200ML. PS: for the sake of convenience, I’ve done a lot of seafood, and I’ve got all the food for the whole family. So the weight of the formula is more, if you only give the baby to eat, you can reduce the amount of dosage. 2 onions and green peppers were cut into cubes, baby to cut some more broken. PS: Baby onions and green peppers can be appropriate to eat a little seasoning, in addition to function, they are also relatively high nutritional value of vegetables, should choose thick skin not spicy in the selection of green pepper. 3 pumpkin (i.e., zucchini) peel and shred. PS: melon ripe, very soft and easy to chew, so I did not deliberately cut very fine is very small, so the taste is very suitable for the exercise of the baby’s chewing ability. 4 squid and shrimp chopped. PS: Although squid taste delicious, it is difficult to digest, and cholesterol is very high, squid belongs to hair.相关的主题文章: