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Babe, I love to see you doing dishes. – miniko is a Sohu and a few favorite girl (´???), so for me, is a delicacy and soul of the best medicine to cure the stomach and miniko have always believed, like the girls are not bad luck because from a daily meal a vegetable feel happy girl must know Thanksgiving life in small indeed fortunate is like "half Tian Xian Xian Ji" in the restaurant? "The little forest" in the city? "" my patisserie in summer? Well, not only will they eat will do, oh great speeches a turn……. Well, you heard… Miniko SEI said the terminator is cooking? SEI, SEI, SEI? Believe it or not I do it to you but did not have the appropriate stage to show my cooking. Finally, ABC Cooking Studio store opened Shuangnan I can clarify! People who love cooking must know that Asia’s largest cooking Studio: ABC Cooking Studio (ABC studio). This is a Japanese, for the public’s international membership cooking studio. Here you can learn about cooking, bread, cakes, and the production techniques and related food culture knowledge. ABC Cooking Studio has more than 130 stores in Japan, the China mainland 3 Shanghai, 3 Beijing, 2 in Chengdu, which is located in the Ito Yokado (four ABC Shuangnan shop) cuisine studio will be officially opened on September 1st! ABC Cooking Studio adhering to the "let the world table with smile" concept, is the integration of "food culture" and "Handmade fun" and start learning cooking studio, both the teaching mode of classes 1 teachers, 4 students of the most professors, scholars or the beginning of convenient operation, easy to understand professional recipes have made dishes, cakes, bread to dine out more and more full of mind, health and safety. ? teachers finished, just look at it straight down three thousand feet slobber? Food raw material ABC are well-known brand cooperation Oh partial log color learning studio decoration fresh and natural, simple and elegant furnishings, lines and all reveal a simple natural style, very spacious and bright and clean, enjoy a wonderful cooking time here, I knocked on the pole of comfort! The shop has 11 (partial lifting) cooking table, one side of the door is Rest Area, either break or with friends can share the fruits, the store also is very close to the pure imported Japanese class original books, for everyone to learn and read. If the student is a small fuel injection can be adjusted, if the participants are large fuel injection is to increase the Chinese and Japanese cuisine and Li layers相关的主题文章: