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The Australian Association of literary translation awards in Sydney Chinese Cultural Center organized – Beijing, Beijing, September 13 Sydney Xinhua (reporter Lai Hailong) Australia Literary Translation Association in 2016 Chinese to English Translation Contest Awards ceremony on the evening of 13 held in Sydney China cultural center. Nicholas, a professor of English and creative writing at Adelaide University, first welcomed the guests, and thanked the Sydney Chinese Cultural Centre for its strong support for the event and the awards. He then introduced the establishment of the award and the selection process. Professor Nicholas’s speech. Xia Changqing, director of the Sydney Center for Chinese culture, said that translation in cross-cultural communication and understanding of the important role in the role of Zhao Li. Sydney China cultural center is a non-profit organization designed to enhance understanding and friendship between the two peoples, very honored to Australia as literary translation in English Association 2016 game main sponsor, and hope that through the support and organize such activities to promote the cooperation of the translator and the publishers – and to promote the communication and dialogue between the two countries, in the field of literature and the cognition to deepen people to understand each other’s culture provides opportunities and channels. The award ceremony, Zhao Li personally for the four winners awarded certificates and prizes, especially to the guests introduced is the center of the exhibition "dialogue across time and space" — Tang Xianzu and to commemorate the 400 anniversary of the death of Shakespeare. She encouraged to engage in translation work efforts of scholars and experts in the field, to the world, the China translation delivery of outstanding literary works, so as to enhance the integration of Chinese and Western culture, enhance the understanding of the world Chinese. The award is intended to show the richness and diversity of Australia in the field of literary translation, through the translation of literary works to promote the understanding and perception of different nationalities and cultures. Each game set a non English language poetry and prose translation (2016 English translation for Chinese), ultimately named "prose translation Award", "poetry translation prize" and "prose translation Award" and "poetry translation prize" each one, and respectively awarded cash, books and Australian Literature Translation Association awards. In addition, the award-winning translation will be published in the Australian literary translation Association review. Award winners with photo. Xia Changqing took the Australian literary translation association is a national organization in Australia, aimed at promoting people’s interest in all aspects of literary translation. The organization of public lectures and activities, sponsored by the literary translation and the related cooperative university academic meetings held regularly together, for the translation of Australian literature in theory and practice has played a huge role in promoting. The event is sponsored by the Australian literary translation Association, sponsored by the Sydney Chinese cultural center, and provides site support. The event attracted a large number of representatives from the Chinese and Australian literature, translation and other fields.相关的主题文章: