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Help baby barber at home to pay attention to the baby after birth, maternal and child – Sohu will soon start the long hair, long hair child very quickly, and sometimes there will be hair yellow, hair loss, some parents heard the child after shave lanugo hair will become good, so I want to give the baby shaved hair, will the child made lanugo shaving down the fetal brush as a souvenir. But when it comes to baby hair, mom and dad will feel very headache. In many cases, a scissors to pick up the hair to the baby, the baby will be crying incessantly, in the end how to do the baby is willing to obediently hair? In fact, to give your baby a haircut is to pay attention to skills, mastered the skills, the baby will obediently let you have a haircut. Next, we will talk about the skills to give your baby a haircut. Baby hair 4 skills: a haircut tool is very important to choose a good saying "to do good work, must first sharpen his tools", if you want to give the baby to cut a suitable, nice hairstyle, it is to choose a good barber tools especially important. Give your baby the best selection of children’s special barber barber tools, in the choice of scissors must use round scissors, scissors to prevent the boss inadvertently hurt the baby’s tender scalp, hair clippers sound is not too big, it will let the baby get scared, not with your hair. Two: don’t give the baby at the barber’s negative hint you mom and dad can you recall, is not in time for the baby hair you will always say "baby with the baby, don’t be afraid" or "good, good, we do not cut, it really can soothe the baby mood? In fact, you don’t stop with the baby say it will only make the baby more intense conflict. So, to prevent the baby hair crying in the best way is to try to divert the attention of the child, let her responsible for the cut, father and baby talk, or you can let the baby look at love cartoon. Three: the baby to know the general knowledge of the baby haircut time is best controlled in 3 ~ 5 minutes, generally not more than 10 minutes. The length of the baby’s hair is best controlled at 3 ~ 5 mm, the length of the hair to maximize the sun to prevent damage to the scalp. The baby’s hair is best not to exceed 15 of height, if the hair is too long will absorb too much nutrients. Four: the baby barber details need to grasp the baby cut ear hair, must protect the baby’s ears, to prevent accidental injury. With water directly wet the baby’s hair do not, it is best to comb wet, then use a comb to wet hair, it can effectively prevent the baby cold. After the end of the hair, you can use a wide tape to keep the baby on the broken hair stuck, or directly to the baby to take a bath, change clothes. 6 small steps to baby barber 1, mom and dad with two hands is best to give the baby a haircut, a hand-held electric clippers, another hand holds the baby head, don’t let the baby move. It should be noted that, do not use too much force, to prevent the pain of the baby. 2, first shave his forehead and then shaved the back of the head, from both sides to the middle shave. 3 take相关的主题文章: