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At home and abroad well-known media people connected to Xi’an – Beijing, China News Agency, Xi’an, September 26 (reporter Yuan Chang) "media to make" The Belt and Road "initiative, the narrator construction disseminator, media cooperation and communication enabler, folk communication guide." People’s Daily Overseas Edition editor, editor in chief Wang Shucheng said in Xi’an on 26 bridges, dialogue among civilizations cannot do without the national media set up exchanges. 26, "International Symposium on The Belt and Road" opened in Xi’an, the "development" Belt and Road Initiative — common memory and win-win as the theme, from the United States, Russia, India, Kazakhstan and other 35 countries, more than 300 experts and scholars, the media and the person in charge of enterprises responsible participants, to discuss "The Belt and Road" construction. In the media forum, Xinhua news agency, Guangming Daily, Russia today news agency China, etc. more than 20 domestic and foreign well-known media and institutions responsible person spoke, how to build a bridge on the advice of The Belt and Road "connected to the people. Guangming Daily deputy editor in chief Shen Weixing said that the media should do the "The Belt and Road" cultural exchanges, benevolent, wise brave, brave daring vanguard when cultural exchanges, adhere to the moral first, friendly love, fair and objective, and the skill, style and style in communication, multi story, tell a good story. Serbia "political news" deputy editor Bartik Barcelona? Vic said, the media to let the people of Serbia and all stakeholders to fully understand the "The Belt and Road" initiative created by the development and growth opportunities, fully explain the initiative brought tangible benefits, make people realize that this is a global initiative in multiple dimensions. Chinese news agency deputy editor Xia Chunping believes that "people connected" has been "an important issue The Belt and Road" construction, and has been widely discussed, the media is to promote the important carrier of The Belt and Road "connected to the people, should better play an important role in the construction of" national media The Belt and Road "in the process of. Further promote the "The Belt and Road" in the hearts of the people of all countries along the "root", "tell a good story The Belt and Road" promote the people connected. Xia Chunping said that the Chinese media to continue to encourage the spread of foreign expression and discourse system innovation, enhance the diversity of communication, improve the credibility of communication. The current Chinese media discourse system is further adapted to the needs The Belt and Road "spread, and achieved some results. And we should continue to use the foreign language the public can understand and easy to accept the spread, so as to make the "The Belt and Road along the country accepted Chinese voice. (end)相关的主题文章: