Apple responded automatically shut down we do not worry, we are in contact with the problem user ssdao

Apple’s response to automatic shutdown: we don’t worry, we are the user contact and geeks Park micro signal: geekpark knew that apple "iPhone automatic shutdown" issued a formal statement: positive communication with the user source: Sina technology today many iPhone 6 or 6S user experience automatic shutdown, Chinese Consumers Association said to have apple (Chinese limited query). In response to this, Apple Corp issued a statement to Sina Technology, said the matter is to communicate with consumers. The following is the official statement of the content of Apple Corp: Apple has been informed of the feedback from the small part of the iPhone 6S users that they encountered an unexpected shutdown. We are in contact with these customers for more information. Consumers have any problems can get in touch with AppleCare. At the same time, we are also working with the relevant government departments to receive feedback from consumers. In addition, some media reported yesterday on the "Apple will replace the mobile phone battery commitment on the part of problem of mobile phone users in the news", the Apple Corp said that this message is not an official statement, but also do not come from official sources. Comments: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also recalled because of the battery, the battery problem has become a big problem in the development of the electronics industry. Tencent third quarter total revenue of $40 billion 388 million, an increase of 52% sources: Tencent technology Tencent announced yesterday as of September 30, 2016, the results of the audit of the consolidated results of the third quarter. 2016 third quarter results summary – total revenue of $40 billion 388 million ($6 billion 48 million), an increase of 52% over last year. – operating profit of 14 billion 460 million yuan ($2 billion 165 million), an increase of 40% over the same period last year; operating margin from the same period last year, down to 36% of the value of 39%. – term earnings of 10 billion 776 million yuan ($1 billion 614 million), an increase of 42% over the same period last year, net profit margin fell from the same period last year to 27% of 29%. – profit attributable to equity holders of Tencent was 10 billion 646 million yuan ($1 billion 594 million), an increase of 43% over the same period last year. – basic earnings per share was 1.134 yuan, diluted earnings per share of $1.121. According to the non – GAAP (excluding share based compensation, from the investment company (income) net loss and amortization of intangible assets and provision for impairment): – operating profit of 15 billion 37 million yuan ($2 billion 252 million), growth of 43% over the same period last year; operating profit margin from the same period last year 40% to 37%. – profit for the period was 11 billion 929 million yuan (US $1 billion 786 million)相关的主题文章: