Apple intends to open the first Korean store in front of Samsung’s Seoul

Apple intends to open its first store in South Korea Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 23rd morning news in Seoul Samsung headquarters opposite, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported, sources familiar with the matter, the Apple Corp is considering opening a Apple Store store in Seoul is very close to the Samsung headquarters location between the two major mobile phone manufacturers the increasingly fierce competition. Sources said that Apple Corp consider opening the store across the street in Seoul, Samsung headquarters. The market believes that the Apple Corp move may be wise, because the Korean market has great potential of untapped iPhone sales, this is not only because South Korea is a big market, but also because the Apple Corp so far into the country the pace of the market is still very limited. South Korea is the fourth largest economy in Asia, but for Apple Corp, long-term since the company has been faced with the difficult to enter the market dilemma, this is because Samsung and LG occupy a dominant position in the South Korean intelligence mobile phone market, the two companies share and reached about 80%. For now, Apple Corp only through third party retailers in South Korea to sell iPhone, so if the company opened a Apple Store store in Seoul, it will bring a great impact. Sources said the site is currently the main consideration of the Apple Corp is Jiangnan District (Gangnam), the Seoul area has the busiest subway station, Samsung is also the headquarters of the Apple Corp; at the same time, is also being explored in shinsa Dong Avenue (Garosu-gil) the possibility of shopping street opened store. This message did not confirm the Apple Corp spokesman has not denied. This is not good news for Samsung, especially because the company is in the process of recalling the 2 million 500 thousand explosion risk Galaxy Note phone. However, according to sources, Apple Corp want to open a store in Seoul is likely to take about a year. At the same time, Apple Corp is preparing to open its first Apple Store store in Mexico. (Tang Feng)相关的主题文章: