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Anti sleepy ring to remind driver fatigue, make you more long haul travel safety – Sohu technology as the saying goes, autumn Chunkun spent summer nap, waking up in the winter of March. In short, we are always very sleepy! In order to keep myself awake, the way is the first cantilever cone, it hurts, not to hand, usually at home, trapped trapped. If caught driving sleepy, may be in trouble, it is prone to traffic accidents. In particular, many old drivers, always feel that they do not fatigue driving, but in fact has been confused. How to do this, today, very gentleman to buddies would recommend a Stopsleep ring to prevent fatigue driving. This device looks like a ring, the use of time is also very simple, is to drive on the line before wearing finger. It uses a built-in skin sensor to detect the electrical conductivity of the skin (EDA), to determine whether you are in a state of fatigue. Once you enter the stage of fatigue, vibration and sound through the ring will remind you to find a place to rest! Or something is going to happen! The accuracy of the device is very high, from a lot of polygraph and measurement of EDA, according to the feedback, the measurement is quite accurate. Moreover, this bracelet uses a high quality anti allergy material shell, wear very comfortable, and will not affect your driving. In addition to the driver, this device is also suitable for many people to use, for example, before the end of the exam review students, security guards, very practical. ————END———— is it fresh? Fun not? The number of public concern WeChat "fruit net", or "fruit" search and download App 100 thousand new tip goods you flop, the cumulative toxicity of 10 million straight fag hag.相关的主题文章: