Annie Yi hit the medical accident tore the doctor unrepented

Annie Yi hit the "medical accident" tore the doctor: unrepented more chilling original title: Annie Yi and the doctor: tear unrepented more chilling Annie Yi micro-blog Annie Yi Annie Yi micro-blog micro-blog micro-blog micro-blog micro-blog Annie Yi Annie Yi Annie Yi Annie Yi Annie Yi Annie Yi Annie Yi and micro-blog micro-blog micro-blog daughter Sina entertainment news in August 28th, Annie Yi again after he published a long article at cesarean section the surgeons in micro-blog. Annie Yi said that the doctor not only did not realize his mistake, but also turned against Annie Yi lying. In early July 10th, Annie Yi is still in the period of confinement in micro-blog posted a lawyer’s letter, claiming the cesarean section postoperative surgeons without the photo posted on the social networking platform, resulting in bad business for stealing pictures such as "birth in the United States and other illegal small ads. Annie Yi feel their own interests, to the illegal publication of the advertising website issued a letter of attorney, and warned the doctor. Annie Yi is still the micro-blog exposed suspected knife doctor friend private letter, private letter, suspected the doctor said Annie Yi viciously slander themselves, will also own questioned Annie Yi lie post "all black out". Thanks for talking people of their own private letter shots to Annie Yi, "let her put me on the Internet for her idiotic powder!" Annie Yi said, because of this thing, he has not cried his crazy tears, and now after the pain." Users can not help distressed mother: "rice oil!" "This is a medical accident!" (Intern in Zheng Wen) stay tuned for more exciting content @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: