Analysis of wall mounted gas boiler is one of the most suitable tool for winter-beself

Analysis of wall mounted gas boiler is one of the most suitable for winter weapon of wall mounted gas boiler while abroad has many years of history, but in China, it is still a new method of heating. But, although in China based on the time not too long, but soon won a certain market, but there is a small heating stove with heating furnace and collective, the arrival of the south is also the existence of general welfare. However, for wall mounted gas boiler, there are still many people are strange, here, Xiaobian simple way. This looks like a gas water heater guy can do more than the gas water heater,   has a powerful family; central heating, heating the room to meet the demand, each room can arbitrarily set the comfort temperature according to the requirement, may also need to decide a room alone closed heating, and can provide high flow temperature sanitary hot water for bathing, family kitchen and other places. It works like this: 1. The traditional boiler when the boiler ignition switch into the working state of the machine, the wind started to make the combustion chamber to form negative pressure difference, the instructions to pump air pressure switch, pump start after the instructions to the high-voltage discharger after starting the command sent to the gas proportional valve flow switch, gas proportional valve start. Since the combustion chamber inside the negative pressure, so the natural gas combustion and no accumulation of imagination, also won’t appear deflagration imagination, to achieve ultra quiet calm ignition, but also to avoid the risk of accidents, the stability criteria can be identified in the stove. Some customers worry about gas safety problems, because do not understand the boiler gas proportional valve control principle, gas proportional valve and pressure switch and gas induction switch is a linkage control, the combustion chamber has a negative pressure gas proportional valve can work for 5 seconds, when the smoke gas induction switch is not detected when the waste gas is discharged that would cut off the gas proportional valve to stop gas supply, so as to ensure the safe use of gas. 2. Condensing boiler condensing gas boiler through the two heat exchanger to fully absorb combustion products in flue gas sensible heat and latent heat of water vapor, gas calorific value refers to the heat from 1Nm3 gas combustion. The calorific value is high calorific value and low calorific value, high calorific value 1Nm3 gas after complete combustion, the flue gas is cooled to a temperature of all the original, and the water vapor to condense water discharged from the heat state of low calorific value gas; 1Nm3 refers to the complete combustion of the flue gas is cooled to the original temperature, but in flue gas the water vapor is released from the vapor phase heat. Thus, the difference between high calorific value and low calorific value. These are its flash points: 1. According to the principle of charging according to the heat, the utility model can accurately measure the gas consumption, and the gas consumption can be independently controlled by the user. 2. The utility model has the advantages of low energy consumption, energy saving, high utilization rate of gas pipelines and economic benefits. 3. Single household gas wall heater has great flexibility to adjust the heating temperature to use completely independent, self regulating, the heating time can be controlled, each room temperature control, no boiler room and outside the network.相关的主题文章: