Analysis of Uber driverless plan 500 employees have been arranged in Pittsburgh-vy canis majoris

Analysis of Uber unmanned plan: in Pittsburgh has arranged 500 employees Uber driverless car Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 11th news, according to "New York Times" reported that the Uber will be in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh) the establishment of unmanned fleet, before Pittsburgh steel city, now it will be the first to let the passengers aboard the unmanned vehicle city. The world is watching, there are 306 thousand people in Pittsburgh, Uber’s test is unprecedented, Pittsburgh ready? The answer is: not yet fully prepared. Prior to this, Uber has not launched unmanned public service, nor show technology. In addition to the mayor and a police officer, there is no other top city leaders have seen Uber driverless cars. The fire and emergency services are still not sure where the Uber car is going. Driverless car is the most adventurous Silicon Valley companies, Pittsburgh implementation of non-interference policy, it has become an ideal place for the experiment. Pittsburgh’s decision also attracted some criticism, people believe that the city will own gate will give Uber. As a new company, Uber is testing new technologies that have created serious conflicts with regulators and the public. Red line or red carpet Pittsburgh mayor William · (Bill Peduto), said: the development of new regulatory requirements, remediation Uber companies such as, it is not our responsibility." Peduto said, Uber will be equipped with 100 Volvo modified version of the car, to provide unmanned test services. The car behind the wheel or the driver sits. Peduto said: you can set the red line, you can roll out the red carpet. If you want to be a science lab in twenty-first Century, you should roll out the red carpet." The mayor’s speech told us a fact: many city has become a rust belt (refer to some areas of former industrial prosperity now fading), they want to get rid of the old identity now into a technology center. In order to achieve the goal, the city gives enterprises more control. This approach is called the "green light", in the past few years, Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania is the implementation of this policy. When Uber was ready to expand its driverless car research and development business, Pittsburgh helped the company rent a piece of land near the river, and Uber took it as a test site. In 2014, state regulators tried to block a taxi sharing service, with the help of the mayor of Pittsburgh, the governor of the state, a lot of obstacles. Still, Pittsburgh’s politicians remain on the sidelines. Policy has brought a lot of benefits, Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania will be placed in the forefront of unmanned vehicles, many technology companies have entered, including the car manufacturers, Google, Baidu. In addition, Pittsburgh has also introduced some technology entrepreneurs, attracted hundreds of scientists and engineers to the new R & D center, in the past 10 years, apple, Google, Intel, Uber established R & D center here. The city’s approach has also attracted much criticism, and some say Pittsburgh has given too much power to technology firms to do so in order to achieve innovation. Some members of the public on U相关的主题文章: