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UnCategorized Chris Earhart is Dixie Gas & Oil President. Dixie Gas & Oil distributes propane, heating oil, industrial lubricants, and other petroleum products to customers in Virginia and West Virginia. The company, founded in 1946, also operates gas stations and convenience stores and provides fleeting fueling services. As president of Dixie Gas Chris Earhart and team quotes We look forward to serving each of our customers as we embark on a new chapter in our history. It is the tremendous support of our customers that has enabled us to come this far. Our goal has and always will be to treat you as we would like to be treated. That means that we will always offer our customers the best products, the best pricing, and the best service possible, so you will always be comfortable. Jonathan Earhardt is a Principal of the firm and a member of the Board of Directors of Professional Directional Enterprises, Inc. and Keystone Air & Drill Supply Co. His primary responsibilities include sourcing and evaluating new acquisition candidates, closing and financing transactions and overseeing operations at Harren’s existing portfolio companies. Jonathan Earhardt is integrally involved in all aspects of Harren’s investments in Professional Directional, Woven Electronics and Precision Architectural Products. While at Harren, Jonathan Earhardt has gained valuable operational experience through his work with the firm’s portfolio companies. Most recently, Jonathan’s involvement with Professional Directional has resulted in the execution of a number of the Company’s strategic objectives, including a redesign of the Company’s chart of accounts and general ledger, improved financial and operational reporting, the implementation of an ERP system and a field reporting software package, and the hiring of several key management team members. Previously, his interaction with Precision Architectural Products included daily oversight of the firm’s operations for six months following the resignation of the Company’s President. While at Precision, Jonathan worked closely with the management team to develop procedures to increase manufacturing efficiency, product quality and on-time delivery while also lowering costs. Prior to Harren’s successful exit from Woven Electronics, Jonathan Earhardt spent significant time on-site both at the Company’s US headquarters in South Carolina and at Woven’s UK subsidiary, working with management to improve financial and operational reporting, including the creation of reports to manage inventory levels, monitor labor usage, and measure manufacturing efficiency. Prior to joining Harren, Jonathan Earhardt was an Investment Banking Analyst in the Global Industries Group of Merrill Lynch in New York, where he was involved in a variety of financial and strategic transactions for companies in the transportation and diversified manufacturing industries. Jonathan received a BS in Commerce and a Minor in Economics from the University of Virginia, graduating with Distinction. Amy E. Earhart is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Texas A&M University. She is also affiliated faculty with the Africana Studies Program. Amy Earhart works with digital humanities and 19th-century American literature and culture, with a particular emphasis on race, ethnicity, and gender. Her work has appeared in DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly, The Oxford Handbook to Transcendentalism Reinventing the Peabody Sisters (Iowa UP), among other venues. Amy Earhart has co-edited a collection of essays titled The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age with Andrew Jewell, forthcoming fall 2010, the University of Michigan. She is at work on a monograph titled Traces of the Old, Uses of the New: The Emergence of the Digital Humanities. In addition, she is developing the 19th-Century Concord Digital Archive in partnership with the Concord Free Public Library. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: