Amd Rx 460470 NV GTX Ti 1050 official price.-t6670

AMD RX 460470 NV GTX Ti 1050 official price rush with NVIDIA GTX 10501050 Ti and AMD RX 470D release, thousands of graphics market stalemate war again. RX470 according to foreign media reports, AMD said to Associated Media, evaluation experts send internal mail overseas, decided to price adjustment on RX 460470, the discount rate is $10, RX 2GB 460 new RRP $100 (the price of about $110), RX 470 new RRP $170, the original price of about $180. Considering the RX 460470 is the AIB version in the majority of non-public market, so the discount rate may be greater. Domestically, the author expects 470 of the floating range is limited, after all, AMD has launched the RX 470D, its performance evaluation and the final price will be announced on the 28. The current GTX 1050, RX 460 licensed to sell 850~999 yuan, 470 yuan to sell RX 1399~1799, expects the market positioning of GTX 1050 is 899~1199 yuan range, GTX 1050 Ti is estimated 1199~1399 million range. In addition, not only in terms of price, AMD felt the hostile pressure of NV, the latest PPT propaganda is also a variety of rolling word, I hope the user can choose the red camp. AMD new copy相关的主题文章: