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Arts-and-Entertainment Air travel tips Air travel is a fantasy for many and it is important to have the air travel tips handy. Packing is important and not having the right items in that suitcase can make the trip disastrous. These include toiletries, travel documents, money and attires suitable for the destination. Breakable items also require careful packaging to ensure that they get to their destination intact. It is also important to pick an airline that does not have too many limitations on space especially if you have a lot of luggage. Another of the air travel tips is on the choice of seat since some can be quite un.fortable. Aisle seats are ideal for those who are very tall since they have enough stretching space for the legs. A bulk head seat also serves the purpose and the bait here is to make an early booking that enables you to get the seat you want. Travelling with a friend is a great idea since this lessens the miles as you will keep talking and this takes focus from the aspect of distance. Other than good .pany, the invasion of sharing a seat with a total stranger is cut out and you will definitely enjoy your personal space. Air sickness is .mon with many travellers and it is important to get a motion sickness drug. The air travel tip here is to take the drug before take off and this means before you start feeling unwell. This is because its efficacy reduces if someone is already experiencing the air sickness. These drugs require the prescription of a health professional though Dramamine works just fine and can be got over the counter. Other re.mended drugs include scopolamine and Bonine, though they do not fail to .e with side effects. These include a blurry vision, a dry mouth and one may loose memory too though this is temporal. An air travel tip that works all the time is choosing to fly non stop. Direct flights may not be direct as per se since they tend to have several stop over and this causes a lot of delays. This means that you will spend more hours on your flight than you expected. Ensuring that you are using the exact names in your ID is a must since a deviation can cause problems. Security officers at the airport are always on their toes checking for such discrepancies. It is also important to ensure that you have all the required documents to avoid delays. Another of the important air travel tips is to carry some earplugs due to the noise emitted by airplanes. This noise is easy to ignore but believe me by the time you get to your destination you will be .pletely worn out. Many planes lack built in sound systems and this explains the extreme noises. It is however important to clear with the airline since some have restrictions on the usage of earplugs. The food served by the airlines may not be pleasant to many people especially those with allergies. Ensure that you bring your own food and clear it in the plane since many countries do not allow food imports. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: