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Air force Cadet take a few road? The test scores up to a line into basic conditions – Beijing August 26th, young people from Jilin, Hubei aviation school, Shandong high school students, the first flight experience. The air force Cadet Bureau for map to pilot a few off? Age of ordinary high school, not less than 17 years of age, not more than 20 years of age. College entrance examination scores to the provinces entrance examination of a line. Physical height between 164-185cm, weight of not less than the standard weight of 80%, no higher than the standard weight of 130%[standard weight (kg) = height (CM) -110]. Table C binocular uncorrected visual acuity was above 0.8, have not done vision correction surgery, no color blindness, seruo, strabismus. Heart goods for the scores of more than one line of candidates, but also the psychological quality test, and divided into excellent, good, general third. Beijing News (reporter Li Yukun) today is the 67 anniversary of the establishment of the air force. In recent years, with the transformation of strategic air force and equipment upgrading, pilot standards and levels will increase. Recently, the reporter learned from the air force, air force this year was admitted to the university students, for the first time the full realization of "naked" a Toudang line. The next three taking over a line of 30 points. This year, "a line" Toudang cadet candidates overall, the average college entrance examination scores 561 points, 600 points accounted for more than 20%. According to the air force military experts, Air Force Command College Professor Wang Mingliang introduced 10 years ago, the average score of flight cadets admitted to 410 points, 12th Five-Year period gradually increased to 540 points. "Next year, the air force Cadet work, based on the college entrance examination scores a Toudang line on the first admission of college entrance examination entrance examination candidates over a line of 30 points or more, then admitted to meet the fighter selection standard of candidates, followed by a final admission psychological selection rating of excellent, good, general candidates." Deputy director of the Bureau of air force cadet Fang Chuanhong said. According to him, the air force Cadet area has covered 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), this year plans to carry out a pilot pilot in the Tibet autonomous region, is currently coordinating research and demonstration, as determined in Tibet open bidding, will achieve full coverage of the air force cadet in mainland area. Combat aircraft into the college training cycle shortened two years, according to the Air Force Training Bureau, currently more than 5 types of combat aircraft into college teaching, pilots growth cycle shortened from 7 years to two years. It is understood that college students only need to fly trainer. "Originally, require about 2 years to complete the transition to a combatant Cadet to combat troops after graduating from college and now, to combat troops after adaptive training short-term, can combat duty." Liu Di, Secretary of the air force training department, said earlier in an interview with the media. At present, the air force pilot training model reform has achieved initial results, College – modified base – combat troops, the basic formation of the three training system. The new model, F – 7, – 9, detonation annihilate – 6, – 8.相关的主题文章: