After the man walked along the baby girl was found to throw the baby balcony

Man burglary Shun baby was found after the baby threw the balcony original title: man burglary stolen baby yesterday morning, Fangshan Changyang ballettown Wyatt District, a drunken man entered the building 8 households in the house and stole the tablet computer will be less than four months old baby girl walk away. Was the victim found after the men fled and the children from the two floor into the semi basement balcony, the victim and the masses will catch the man. Yesterday afternoon, the girl’s family said the child did not hinder. Originally, the theft of men living in the District, on the way home found stolen houses would not lock the door, walked. Currently, the man has been controlled by the police, the case is being further processed. The man was stealing to throw the child half underground yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters rushed to the scene, in the area of many people also get together to discuss a stolen child ". Residents Cui told reporters that when the child was a child to steal a child in his home under the windowsill. "Probably more than 12 in the evening, my wife and I first heard a baby crying, at first we did not care, but the child’s crying has been, and feeling in my home under the windowsill." Mr Cui said, he took a flashlight to a photo, found a child was a baby, lie on your back on the balcony of semi basement. "My wife and I hurried to the first floor, this time the parents came over. The father jumped down. But because the balcony is too far from the ground, he can’t get up. I ran to the side of a neighbor with another to get a ladder, and then went out and hugged the child." Mr. Cui laments, children from the three meter high two layer into the semi underground balcony, the height difference of four or five meters, can All is well. really was lucky. General adults fall so high certainly not work. The child was picked up that cry, look no problem, really lucky ah." The drunken man stealing stolen homeowners did not lock the door to another to help the neighbor Mr. Gao said, after they rescued the child, his father said, who steal children in the vicinity, we hope to help catch people together. "There must be more than and 20 people to catch a thief in our community at the time, the thief first from No. 8 building two layer run up, then went to the four layer, found no way to start and run down, out of the door after the East running, then want to rush out from the eastern side of the door, but was stopped by the us. Finally, he will be blocked in the corridor." Mr. Gao said, the suspect has been covered with the alcohol, fast collapse. "A lot of people know that he threw the child down from the upstairs, can not afford to fight, the man does not hide." 1 pm, reporters in the area saw the suspect was brought back to the police to identify the scene, I saw him wearing a purple coat, dark skin, slim. A scene investigation police told reporters that the man lived on the four floor of Building 8, the scene has been completed. "The stolen that night did not lock the door, let the thief have a chance." Man stole a tablet in the theft, has been recovered. Nearby neighbors said the man in the area of rental housing for a period of time, usually from morning to evening, and they are not familiar with. Two o’clock in the afternoon, the reporter knocked 2相关的主题文章: