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Internet-Marketing The short answer is yes, you should use affiliate marketing tools with you network marketing company. There are lots of things your network marketing company will not supply you with if you want to build a successful business online. The purpose of this article is to show you why you will need certain tools and you will only be able to get them from affiliate programs. I will also explain why it is important to use these affiliate marketing tools as an income stream. You hear it all the time that most network marketing companies will give you all the training, tools and products you need to make a successful business, so why is that 97% of people are failing within this industry? The answer is simple, they do not get the right training, tools or products in the first place. Of course some just quit because its too hard, or they dont like it or they just spend their lives quitting but thats for another article. The training, tools and products you will get from your company will help you understand all about that company so you can answer any questions when the time is right. But these should be used at the end of the process, if they are needed at all. You see if you set yourself up in the right way you will not need any of the tools in the first place. Why you may ask, well people will join you on the fact that you have helped them and they really want to work with you, no matter what the product or company is about. Your network marketing company will so say provide you with lead capture pages, these will only be design to get peoples interest in joining the company. People dont join companies, they join people. They will give you an autoresponder and again those messages will be nothing more than to arouse interest in joining the company. They will give you brochures, DVDs, CDs and any number of sales and company paraphernalia which are all designed to get people interested in joining the company. So lets look at the tools you really need to be successful with your network marketing company. Well first you need your own capture pages, offering a free gift which could be an ebook, video training or audio training showing them how they can use a simple system or technique to use social media, setup a blog or just about anything related to making money online. They will then go through your autoresponder, where you will give them the training over a 3 or 5 day period in bite sized chucks. At the end they will have the option to join you and learn more about generate leads, earning income and building a truly successful business online. Once they join they will be part of that affiliate program where they will be able to build there own list, help their own people and marketing other products including their primary network marketing business to their list. What this will do is give them an income from their affiliate marketing tools such as the autoresponder, lead generation program and any other tools they use. Most of these will be residual so they make a month check without relying on doing the home parties the network marketing company will tell them to do. You primary network marketing company should be looked at as your pension fund, your longterm goal. Yes that is where you are going to make most of your money but it takes time getting there, so you need income from day 1 to keep you going. This is why you simple must have affiliate marketing tools as part of your business building strategy to work alongside your primary business. 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